May 16, 2011

Lord, send out Your Light and Your Truth now; must we be oppressed always by the enemy?

My child, do I not know? do you believe I am not aware of all these misgivings? I am showered with insults and hatred; and My Command of Love is ignored, even by My own priests;

Vassula, today they believe they are triumphant, gaining victories; evil is on their side; but My Heart will triumph in the end; you are chosen by My Father and I to be Our sacrifice, an oblation, singled amongst many, to endure with love the rejections;

I stayed in Your Presence, my right hand in Yours to pen down Your Words and to guide me; but frenzied people insult Your Name, deprived of signs they are not, yet they burn with desire to put an end to all Your Messages;

nothing, Vassula, nothing will put an end to My Messages, nor to the mission I have entrusted you with; have faith and trust Me; even when at times you feel completely crushed with the weight of My Cross, do not weary, at your side I Am; and you will see, at the utter amazement of many, how I shall stand before them! the good will rejoice, but the bad will be repaid with what they deserve; nothing will stop Me; they are wrecking My Church, and in doing so they plot harm against My Church; what I am commending you is sound doctrine but they discard My teachings; I have said, that there are six things that I hate: seven that I abhor: a haughty look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that weaves wicked plots, feel that urge to do evil, a false witness who lies with every breath, a man who sows dissension among brothers; and I would add, those who take pleasure in doing their evil;

I have opened My Mouth to speak, to anoint, to redeem, and to show My Mercy, but in return of My kindness I am mocked, jeered at and despised; all My Courts gathered in Heaven and from My Courts a voice was heard; the voice of a multitude:

“for how long will our Lord and Master endure blasphemy? the earth in its godlessness is boasting of its misgivings, of its abominations, and it is drunk in its debauchery like a harlot;”

the time is ripe, Justice will not endure any longer to watch this generation stifling My Spirit and selling My Blood; My Justice is provoked and challenged; I will dress Heaven in black and I will show Myself as the Judge, and those who insulted My Name will dry up; My revelation was mocked, never heeded; I will punish the world and its evil doings; I will humble the proud, and when they will call out My Name I shall not hear them; My Day is nearer than you think; devastation will reduce this earth into the same desolation they have made out of My Church!

I had begun as a beggar, begging them for a return of love, and in return I was jeered, oppressed and laid barren; I pleaded with this generation, I pleaded at the feet of My priests, but all they did was to spit at Me and chase Me away; My acts of Mercy were ridiculed; I came to them to save them from the clutches of My enemy; I showed My Face to them, but they did not recognize Me, nor did they learn 1 from the Scripture My sayings; I came to bring peace in their difficult times, but peace was not appreciated nor accepted; so now, a sentence will be passed on all living creatures on this earth to purify the stench of sin;

My child, I, your Spouse, tell you: endure for My Sake all these attacks; rivers of graces will fill up dry lands where I send you; daughter, water My orchards, embellish My garden, I, Jesus Christ bless you now and forever; I Am ic

1 I heard at the same time the word ‘follow’