June 19, 2008

peace be with you; My child I am the One who raised you to cooperate with Me; every dot, every syllable pronounced comes from My Spirit; I love My creation and My Mercy goes beyond human understanding; I can do all this work on My Own but I love to cooperate and work with My creatures; at the same time those whom I choose delight Me; they are My delight, the sweet odour in My Courts but on earth as well, a sign of My Presence; I sanctify them as they walk with Me; yes, they are My resting place; My lips quiver with emotion when I look at them as they advance in My blood-stained Footprints; after all it is I who gave them life!

I have given them life to testify My Resurrection and with this I mean that they are presenting Me to this dead world as a glorious King who is ready to forgive them; I express Myself to them in different ways, hoping to draw as many souls to Me as possible; yes, Vassula, I made you go through fire, to be able to establish My Word on you; therefore, refuse Me nothing; have I refused you anything? indeed I have given My Life for you;

daughter, whatever you have offered Me with love has been used by Me;

– I have commanded you to tell them all that I have told you and written; do not fear; never omit a syllable; some will listen; others will ridicule you; others still will disagree and will wrestle with you; provide them all with My Messages; the good news must go out through all the earth and My Words to the end of the world; many shall return to Me and will abandon their misdeeds;

– I shall measure each soul with a yard stick; they 1 have corrupted their wisdom and with fraudulent measures they singled out My Law; but they shall reap what they have sown; no one enters in heaven when they do not seek Me; those who rebuke My Law are rebuking Me and they become an abomination 2 in My Eyes; ic

1 The Anglicans who accept liberalism, not the High Church or the conservatives
2 Rm 1: 18-32