May 9, 2011

My Vassula, unite your heart to Mine and hear Me: remember how I achieved marvels in the past? so do not fret, I will achieve My marvels for I am the Author of this marvellous Work; keep giving the poor in spirit what I have penned so that heaven hears their praise; do not hold back, My daughter, smile and continue, your hand in My Hand  rest your head on My Heart and listen to My Heartbeats… what do you hear, daughter? a lament?

yes, a lament, a sob…

My Heart is lamenting like the sound of a flute, sobbing for your wretched society and how, if they will not change and return to Me repenting, the flames will lick them up into human torches; aahh! from princes to beggars, they are destined to die as the present sky and earth are destined for fire; even a dumb donkey would have listened, understood and acted upon swiftly when I had given repetitive warnings that unless this generation repents, prays from the heart, and turns to Me, and regulates its life according to My Law, My precepts, My Commandments and the Church’s teachings, unites and lives in peace and love with one another, My Father will chastise them; His flame will widen and devour entire nations annihilating them entirely from the map; I tell you, the sky will roll away and will dissolve to become as a sea of fire;

condemning My Warnings will not help solve their 1 interior problems; here I am supplying this generation with spiritual nourishment, bringing all the way to their feet My Words to advise them and to give them hope, and yet, listlessly they turn away;

when your ancestors challenged Me and provoked Me, what did I do?

not one of them reached their resting place…

their deafness and their disobedience have disrupted them from grasping My ways and listening to Me; I am their High Priest and they should have known that anyone who obeys Me will live forever; I am the Source of Salvation, the Beginning and the End; many have fallen away from My Ways, from the man who sits on thrones to the wretch and to those that daunt; from the man dressed in linen to the man who is barefoot and in rags; their actions are before Me; but not all have been unfaithful dimming their eyes;

you are to say to them: turn back each of you, turn back from your evil ways; serve God and not Mammon; serve God and not man; everyone who has, will be given more; but from the man who lacks even the little he has will be taken away (Lk 19: 26); trouble lies ahead in My Church 2; hearts will be broken, and they will jostle one another, hurling themselves at Satan’s feet; deportations in the shadows will be made; a gift was offered to them but no affection nor respect was given in exchange; – they do not and have never listened to My Voice; daughter, weep for your generation; watch how it withers away in despair;

come, I love you;


1 the hierarchies

2 we experienced part of that in March 2013, when Pope Benedict XVI resigned after the stolen documents