May 5, 2011

Lord! You are known to have thrown down kings’ and rulers’ thrones, empire after empire overthrown, when all these were becoming obstacles to Your passage;

You are known to blot out Your enemies; so why are You deserting now Your friends?

Injustice, arrogance is what they carry; pride is known to be hateful to You my God and Father;

What have I done to deserve contempt? have I broken Your Commandments? have I abandoned Your precepts and Your Calling?

“Cultivate your neighbours, revive and unite My Church,” was Your plea but Command as well; “work with Me hand in hand and glorify Me;” was your consolation;

Estranged from my own family I became, for Your Interests;

Now the slanderers twist good into evil; with evil contrivances they encircle me, and they lurk for their chance to spit on me and spill blood …

am I again judging?

judging is abhorrent to Me; do not allow yourself to grow resentment in you; yes! Indeed their doings on you provoke your spirit, but double is their sin; one, for their false judgement on you, and two, for provoking you to sin; their spite against you will recoil on their heads;

My child, give heed to My teaching and apply them for it will delight Me when I feel that you trust Me; have I not written through your hand thousands of pages of advice, reminders of My Word and of knowledge? have I not opened the way for you to be able to expand My Messages? have I not taught you to answer those who question you, with sound words from Wisdom? therefore, do not say, ‘I will treat these as they are treating me;’ I would rather have you say: ‘Father, forgive them for they not know what they do!’ and I will forgive them and they will be healed; they will grow in their love…

learn from Me pupil and adapt yourself to Me for My Ways are Righteous; then I will be able to tell you: My child; your good faith will not go in vain, you will receive your reward from Me; do not give way to despair, I Am in control of all situations! life and death, good and bad, I am in control of these as well! My Hand holds your hand; any ruthless judgments done on you were done on Me; My rage is against this faithless generation; have you not noticed, Vassula? My cry has pierced the air, like a hurricane of fire I shall descend on them, and rivers of fire will engulf many nations; My fury will not end, have you not seen the signs of the Times? the waters of the seas will continue to rage pitilessly against this evil and faithless generation, for soon the Hand of My Father will fall heavily upon the apostates; this generation will fall in My Father’s Hands and hordes of those who have forgotten Me will suffer terribly; ah! yes! they will suddenly remember Me and call out My Name, but not with contrition nor out of love, but out of fear, for their life; some with maddening sarcasm will hail insults and blasphemies on Me, still boasting of their philosophy and their so-called self-realization, knowledge of diameters and calculations, scorning My Wisdom on that Day; but their hope, My Vassula, will be void, and all that this generation thought they achieved without Me, will end up unprofitable; all what they have toiled without My Name, in fact, intentionally, erasing My Holy Name, will turn out unavailing;

daughter! let Me tell you: I, God, have put this generation to the test and as you noticed many proved themselves unworthy to share My Kingdom; their fascination to discover what lies beyond the cosmos amazes Me 1 and embarrasses My Angels! Grace and Mercy was offered to all mankind but those who heard Me yet have chosen not to listen nor accept My saving help; due to their incredulity, they will suffer immensely like Cain! those who are faithful will live in My Heart, in love; now they too are tested like gold in a furnace and have proven themselves worthy of My Kingdom I shall be their King for ever… this is the beginning of the end of these Times 2 when My Fire comes, all the elements of this world will melt; already alternations of the solstices and the succession of your seasons have changed; and there is more to come;

Vassula, My child, let Me refresh your memory once more: you are My property, do not fear, you were born for My calling; I modelled you for My purpose; for I knew you would not swerve from the Truth, and I, would become your Holy Companion on this earth; I had, before you were born, traced out your path 3; from the very beginning I joined My Heart to yours; however, your freedom of spirit was shown to man, you were and are as a bird flying above the world through the air, soaring the skies; administrators 4 of My Kingdom 5 observed and noticed your freedom, and have passed ruthless judgment on you and un-compassionately have thrown arrows on you to cast you down and strike you pitilessly, in order to leave no proof of your passage in My Church; they have never ceased to boast of their evil achievements; for Virtue and Love 6 do not abide in them; much as they despise you they will not harm you, nor will they break you; even if mountains tumble into the seas, and waters roar and seethe, do not fear, for beside you I Am! My Royal Sceptre is on you to guide your step and guard you from veering from My precepts; enjoy My Presence; I am upholding you and you will be safe;

tell My people and remind them that: love covers over many sins; let your love for each other be proven to be true…

allow Me to refresh your memories: it is a blessing for you when they insult you and persecute you for My Sake because it proves that I, God, am resting on you… if you were only to please men I would not have called you; if you were to work hard for your interests and glory and not for Mine, I would have turned My Eyes away from you;

open wide your hearts and receive Me; be united, helping one another and try to console My people in these times; the love of your neighbor should be your main concern;

remember, to proclaim My Message far and wide for the smell of death has reached heaven and the punishment that awaits this generation will be drawn upon the earth because of its incredulity and its apostasy; the envoys I am sending you are not heard and My Spirit is blasphemed; many are recklessly injuring My Church, stoning My prophets; many are decaying and now visible signs are given in proportion and weight of their apostasy and their sins;

hardship and distress are upon this faithless generation; these are signs given already to them because of their refusal to reconcile with Me;

I have justified many of you before My Father, however, I want a return of love, a return of faithfulness; I have revealed to you how I work, and what I am in search of; you have heard My Message of Unity and believed it; I have shown to you the purpose of My calling; you have stamped your seal giving Me great honor, can one deny what one believes? keep alive in your heart what you were taught in the beginning and refuse to sell My Blood; I give you My peace telling you: do not fear for I Am with you; bear My Name and honor Me; ic

1 of how stupid can we be!

2 not of the world

3 life

4 this is not a good term, the Lord means the unspiritual priests

5 the Lord means the Church

6 I understood that Virtue and Love means God here; these two words replace the Name of God