April 29, 2011

Your splendour has no equal, my God!

I Am, listen! favoured-among-many-to-rise-My-Church, do not look behind, My Spirit is the One who gives you this quenchless thirst to be with Me; so do not resist to My Love;

my soul clings close to You …

yes! and it should; I am your fortress; assign your Love you have for Me and I shall guard you from any temptation, come do not fear… rest in Me and you will find your shelter in My Heart  carry on the way I have taught you, but never neglect as well your household;

puny and despised I am by my own Church Authorities, as You know;

have you understood the greatness of My Love I have for you, soul? I would lay down My Life again at any moment if that were needed, just for you, dear soul! zeal for My House devours Me, and I was ready and still am ready to send the least of My flock as a sacrifice; from the beginning, My Father and I have chosen you, to be in Our Presence and teach you in Our Celestial Courts the words of Wisdom  We knew and We have told you, that the empire of the evil one will hound you to discourage you, to dismantle our fabrics and create chaos around you; he would rise oppressors and without mercy would slander you; but I had promised you as well that I would be your Guardian, your Shield and even when the evil one and the wicked were to spit on you their venom, you would not waver or fall, nor would you decline, because My Strength would sustain you; I, the Lord, have made a solemn oath: to keep you secure, to raise 1 you, to form 2 you to walk with Me, and to progress you; I have revealed to you the condition of My Church and made you understand that it has lost its glow, that it needs to be consolidated!

for My own purpose, therefore, I have called you, not that you were apt for the task but neither were My disciples when I called them; such are My methods; I am far beyond any Power and above every Sovereignty, authority, or Denomination, or any other name; I suffice by Myself; now you too have been called and in My delight, you believed …

I have been sending you around the world precisely for this purpose: to consolidate My Church and to unite it… so keep up this pattern; I have taken away your spirit of timidity and given you the Spirit of Fortitude, courage and zeal for My House;

Vassula, I tell you solemnly, anyone who does wrong to you, wrongs Me; anyone who dispels you from My House to bear witness, dispels My Word given to you; you are at My service and anyone who shames you ruthlessly will be sharing the same sufferings of those who were blocking My Words that were to be transmitted to the faithful  I come not with sword, but with tenderness, to unite, with peace terms, offering them My Heart; you have become an open book inspired by My Holy Spirit; now, when your accusers, accuse you unjustly, it is because they have not known Me, nor have they contemplated Me;

I had been offering them My Heart, but they turn the other way seeking it  then how much more will I endure to see My shepherds giving rash decisions on My Work? This is the disease that holds them back, this is the apostasy;

Lord, to tell them that I have a discourse with God, is like telling them that I flew with wings to the moon!

appease My Father’s wrath and pray for them; be as the psalmist and ask Him to give time to the heavens not to open yet the doors to rain down fire! To give time to the winds and the seas that they do not swirl with fury and inundate, flaring the rage of My Father, engulfing entire nations; crops and fields will run in waste, priests will fall from high places, graveyards will multiply and graves will open, flies will multiply with outbreaks of great pestilences and a great sorrow will come to this generation; officials of the Church will beat their breasts when they will realize that I proved to be right; the earth will open and will swallow them alive; My Father enraged with all that He sees, when the Blood and Sacrifice of His Son has been forgotten, trampled upon; believe Me, the pride of this generation has surpassed the pride of those who built the tower of Babel; how much more, how much longer will mockers revel in their mocking My Sacrifice? such men will be powerless when My Day of blazing fire comes;

and as for you, remain near Me, remain in Me, and shine brightly like a lamp in the dark! Mi fovassé kanenan! Imé mazi sou! 3 have My Peace; come adore Me and be like a balm on Me  I, Jesus, love you dear soul; ic

1 to adopt me

2 to educate and teach me

3 Greek: do not fear anyone! I am with you!