April 27, 2011

My peace I give to you;

remember My Words: if anyone serves Me, My Father in heaven will honour him;

I knew you would always hear Me when I called you and with My grace given to you, you would glorify Me, as you would glorify too My Father; today again they 1 are persecuting the Way, even when I was leaving My fragrance behind Me in their presence; they are tearing on My Body like wolves; marvels done in My Name do not count for them anymore; they disregard them; to you Vassula I say: do not be discouraged, for the gift given to you has had and still has its purpose and its proper efficacy: do remain faithful and remind always the world that everyone has the right and the possibility, if they wanted, to be close to My Bosom and enjoy My friendship, becoming intimate with Me;

you whom I favoured have learned the value of intimacy, having drawn you to the inner parts 2 of My Heart, you tasted My sweetness and the inebriating and ineffable love I have for every soul you saw in a vision 3 I had given you how My Holy Spirit has chosen you among many to become My Echo and builder of My Church;

all of this while 4 I was near you; how else, Vassula, would you have bore My Cross? I bestowed on you an intimate confidence, without that, the heaviness and the weight of My Cross of Unity would have crushed you and discouraged you from carrying on! see, My dove? the outpouring of relentless divine grace was being poured on you to strengthen you to continue in spite of all the opposition;

My Heart rejoiced when I heard you say: “God is in control of everything, so do not despair!” yes! indeed I am in control of every situation; some souls might not think so when situations are turning against them for they imprudently rely on their strength and their victories; however, sooner or later, their fruit diminishes and all supernatural lights start fading away; their measure of love for Me as well, lessens in degree and in virtue; evil tendencies start growing in them and the energies they had been obtaining from Me are perilously ceasing and are not being absorbed as before; flesh starts conquering them and their spirit influenced by the world will keep dragging them back to their old passions;

but if a soul remains in Me and does not neglect her spiritual and sacramental life and all that the Spirit taught her, and who allowed herself to be possessed by My Spirit, in times of persecution and in difficult situations, that soul will rely on Me and with confidence will say: “the Lord is with us, so who can be against us?” never say: “our Lord has abandoned us…” or “the Lord has forgotten me…”

daughter, give Me your time and I will rejoice, do not deny Me of your company, peace be with you, we, us? I love you! ic

1 the hierarchy and disbelieving lay

2 I heard at the same time the word ‘chamber’

3 vision given on January 29, 1989

4 the period of silence