March 1, 2010


I Am! My Presence is with you; I shall heal your wounds; My Vassula, I have chosen you amongst all mankind to reveal My Word to this generation; dispirited you must not be; I will come to your help;

they are testing Me! take heart, My child… I say this to the Churches:

to reject in your age and times the same gifts of the Holy Spirit, as in the past, for the benefit and progress of the Church, your rejection is an abomination in My Eyes; a spiritual death that has crept within you! apostates that aggravate My Holy Spirit! they are the ones who have fallen into spiritual sloth and heresy; see? how can My Holy Spirit abide in them when they are dominated by sloth and other vices? how would they ever see with the Light of My Holy Spirit when they carry hostility in their hearts and embrace as well so many vices?

I tell you, it is only through the grace of My Holy Spirit that the Truth can be revealed to them; My sorrow is when so many of My priests do not search for Me; and worse still, when they notice a soul aflame with divine Love for Me who takes pleasure in Me and not for the world, preferring Me above all worldly passions and being enamoured of My Presence – their resentment grows even more; the gifted souls I chose to favour are trampled by them either by spiritual envy or by a rationalistic spirit; they do not accept My language with which I am teaching you, for their flesh understands it with flesh; whereas I teach spiritual themes spiritually; they are as Scriptures says of them, “an unspiritual person is one who does not accept anything of the Spirit of God; he sees it all as nonsense and it is beyond his understanding because it can only be understood by means of the Spirit…” 1 spiritual blindness will never let their ego die to understand the highest virtue that is charity; charity which is the greatest of virtues that through the measure of that virtue you shall all be judged in the end;

it is right to say when you witness in My Name, Vassula, that all faith and hope are founded on that virtue and it is in doing good, by being kind-hearted, loving, merciful and meek of heart that they shall see God and will inherit My Kingdom; in other words: the pure in heart… 2 yes! the Word of God is redemption, saving help; it is the knowledge of God knowable only to those who possess Us3; it is the very Word of God that is Love; and because of Love I willingly became man, I willingly carried My Cross; the sight of many blurred when they saw Me Resurrected;

– charity is holy, it is the symbol of My Image and all that I represent;
– charity is more than wealth; yes!
– charity is more splendid than the sun because it outshines all other virtues, compared with light,
– charity is an inexhaustible treasure to mankind for it rejoices more in giving than receiving;
– charity has no self-interest but is self-giving to all mankind;

anybody who has this virtue rules with Me; divine power is a gift given to you by Me and it can be given to you according to the measure of charity you have; contemplate what is right and what is wrong and come to reason; reason to strive in self-dying to obtain charity and once you earn it and are crowned with it, it will lead you into invincible holiness forever, for it holds triumph for all eternity!

so do not seduce your minds with corruption and malice, nor a fascination in doing evil; I tell you, lead an untarnished life so that I attach your soul to My Holy Spirit, the One of whom you call Invisible; you can never put firm foundations nor deep roots in Me unless you have charity;

– charity is like the rudder of a boat that directs you to your destination; without it you are bound to be driven by any current and be lost;
– charity will lead you to your true destination and that is to Me; it will enable you as well to recognize Me in your neighbour and love him; of what use will it be if you have no love of neighbour and zeal for My Church? come then and breathe in Me and obtain My gifts and these virtues;

I need, generation your complete detachment and day by day I will increase in you while you will be decreasing in self, and will; thus I will cast you out of this corrupt world to enter in My Heart; be blessed all you who are now willing to obey My precepts; ic

1 1 Co 2: 14

2 Mt 5: 8

3 The Holy Trinity