December 14, 2009

Vassula writes:

This past Saturday here in Rhodes we have our prayer meeting. Not everyone was present that day but some only. Towards the end we took up the prayer of the 28th November and we all prayed it. After that we took the Greek bible (that was brand new) and I opened it. My finger went on Ezekiel ch. 7, verses 1-14. While reading it we all felt that it was like we were reading again the prayer! A continuation. When I opened the English bible so that I read it (as my Greek is not that perfect) I had a book mark just there. What we understood from this is that the Lord was trying to emphasize the seriousness and urgency of His previous message which is the prayer. After the prayer we opened the TLIG messages to read. Also there, Christ was emphasizing our prayer. I opened on September 13, 2002 and my eyes fell on the following passage: “O Judgement Day! when My Son will shine above in the sky!” until the end.

The next day on Sunday, as I sat at Church, after 5 minutes or so, I heard the Lord call me and speak to me. My worry was that I would not remember to write what He said. Our Lady in the end said just a few words. But, our Lord made me understand that I do not have to worry because He will remind me when I will write His words, in fact He will lead my hand again. So this is what Jesus Christ said yesterday and today, Monday 14 December His Words were written.

testify my child, on My behalf and in My Name and speak and tell this generation:

do not listen anymore to false prophets who keep stroking you with caresses, telling you that all is well and that you have improved just because you are parading yourself as a Christian, when truly you are hardly acting on My Words; I tell you, if your virtue in being a Christian goes no deeper than the godless ones, My Father, not recognizing Me in you, will never allow you to enter into Our Kingdom! My Father’s wrath will unleash on you; have you not learnt that My severity is as great as My Mercy? you who sell yourself to your surrounding as a good Christian, giving them this false image of Christianity, you will be uncovered and your sin as well; and you, you whose tongue never stopped judging unjustly, your sin will recoil on your own head; My anger rages against your sort and I will judge you for your conduct as it deserves;

and you, you who cannot forgive and forget as I forgive and forget, My Father too will hold that sin against you! Yahweh is near, coming with all speed, so tell Me, where will you hide? to lead a sinful life is to belong to the devil; you have learned how and in which manner you will be judged when you are unwilling to reconcile with the one you hold a grudge; I tell you: this sin of refusing to come to terms and make peace, will be bitterly paid by you up to the last penny; have I not said: you must love your neighbour as yourself and even more, that you must learn to love your enemies? well, what have My Eyes been witnessing? I have been witnessing a meagre lot who truly follow My ways, but the majority are in sin and doing Satan’s work; do not deceive yourselves, for in these coming days, you are bound for destruction because you are not following My Word1; if anyone of you refuses to this day to obey My principles, My Father too will refuse him an abode in Heaven; and you who have taken My Name2 yet act in violence, anger and pride, that same scourge your sharp tongue used on your brothers will be likewise used on you to condemn you; and you who still sleep in your apathy and lethargy, do not think that I have not noticed you; you will be ranked among the pagans and you will be reaping what you have sown;

as for the apostates, they will taste the fire of hell! My Father’s wrath is lit up with this evil and pervert generation; how can I hold back His Arm furthermore from lashing on you? ‘turn back from your evil ways’ was Our constant theme, but good and bad have been refusing to abandon their way of life; the good for not taking My Words seriously in these messages and acting on them, the bad for refusing to be saved, refusing My Mercy, refusing My Hand; to these I say: what will you do when you will realize that day that you were mere clay, and that clay without My Presence within you is nothing but dust?

disaster is just around the corner and the foliage will soon turn dry; you have little time to amend all of your conduct and actions; let not destruction overtake you; take the right course and stop your abominations and your perversions; set your heart on Me your Lord; if not, you will crumble down in ashes like a burnt city;

now, even if I distressed you, even for a mere moment, it was out of the greatness of the love I have for you; I want to lead you to repentance and save you; I want lips that are clean when they invoke My Name, especially in these days where My Holy Name will be profaned and will mean nothing to many while they celebrate My birth without honour; repent all of you and focus on Me; pray that this generation’s guilt will not be the cause of your destruction, otherwise the Father’s wrath will lead Him to cry out: ‘enough!’ and His fiery Justice will cover many nations and the world will disintegrate; happy the man who listens to Me now and purifies himself; I will support him;

I am Jesus Christ, the Author of these Messages, known to govern you with lenience; I am known to flower you and saturate you with My love and if need I water you with My Tears; I am known as the Good Shepherd who never abandons His sheep, who leads His sheep into green pastures, but when treaties are broken, rejecting to loosen the bonds of wickedness you have made, and to cut off the bans of treachery, to end your frenzy against those I am sending you, to stop despising them, am I to keep silent? when I know that because of your so evil deeds you are drawing a fatal destruction that would affect the whole word? would I not react? on that Day of the Father’s wrath, those who have forgotten Me will remember Me; you will be treated according to all your sins;

many indeed ask: ‘what sins?’ – sins that I have mentioned, sins of blasphemy against My Holy Spirit, sins of your rebellion and of your division, sins of perversion, that are an abomination in My Eyes, sins of prejudice, sins of contempt, of corruption, of haughtiness, of pride, of grudge, of resentment and anger, of hostility, of degradation and of lethargy, of slander, of false judgment, of calumny, of lack of forgiveness and lack of charity; – the world is polluted with sin, that is why there is lack of happiness; for the Name of God is blasphemed; can anyone say that God is unjust when He inflicts His anger? there is no one righteous, no, not one; all are sinners and have sinned and are short of the Glory of God; understand how My Sacred Heart pains Me; however, every willing man with a contrite heart is freely given righteousness by the grace of God through the salvation which is in Me; through the faith in Me you will be saved; so master your thoughts and do not sin anymore;

–  never forget Me, Vassula, and let My people know of My warnings; I am here;   ic

3follow and write down all that My Son, Jesus Christ told you – never fear;

1 The Holy Bible
2 Christian
3 Our Lady spoke