May 31, 2006

Vassula, My Peace is given to you – My Heart burns with the desire of having the shepherds all around one Altar; I burn with the desire to see them tend My flock and not their pocket; I burn with the desire to hear them voice My tenderness and My righteousness, to voice Me in all that I have taught; to tend My people with love and mercy; but instead many of them put on My people heavy burdens that they themselves are unable to carry nor are willing to touch, not even with their little finger! but when it comes to widen their garments 1 exalt themselves in public places, lengthen their speeches on Mammon, they become champions; when it comes to rebuilding My Church that is in ruins they devise evil adding false oaths on those I am sending as angels to them; they love their comfort and sway with delight in their authority leaving My flock unattended to stray left and right; but wait and you shall see; since they have stopped their ears from hearing Me they do not recognize Me when I am speaking; they made their hearts adamant to My Calls, lest they should recognize My Voice and the ordinances which I have sent in My Spirit by My angels; I shall come with My angels with power and tread upon them like one treads on mire to expose their nakedness and confound them; in this battle you will notice the difference between the righteous and the wicked, between those who served their own interests and those who served Me; My Vassula, child of prophecy, flash My Light in the posts I am sending you; do not fear from persecution, I am with you; do enrich My church with My sayings, do not look left or right, but follow Me; we us? peace then and write:

the day will come upon these negligent shepherds when I will raise My Sceptre in the air asking them: “whom have you insulted and whom did you blaspheme?” they will respond and say: “I have never ever blasphemed nor have I ever insulted You if that is what you mean, Lord!” “yes!” I shall say, “you have blasphemed My Holy Spirit of Grace; you have made it your mission to persecute Me, to insult Me and to spit on Me; through your minions you have insulted Me; you have raved against Me; through your negligence and your lack of knowledge to the Scriptures you have showed arrogance to My messengers; you have not recognized My Power, nor My Mercy, and you call evil what is pure and holy! you have indeed blasphemed the Works of My Spirit! you have placed your hopes on Mammon, truly you have sinned over and over again… when that day comes, you will call out My Name but I shall not hear you;

Vassula, persevere with tranquillity of heart and regain your strength; pray to the Father to forgive them all as I did on the Cross, saying: ‘forgive them Father, for they know not what they do!’ bring My Name before My creatures; see how eager I am to bring My House to reconcile and live in peace and unity?

understand, My dove, that from the time this Message went out, cities have been rebuilt and bridges have been repaired, but not all; I still have to complete unity on a single bridge, but the ruler of the world would not give in; he placed on each side of this bridge his empire; mustering a host of stronghold on each side, to block the way; anyone who dares approach this bridge and repair it, the ruler and prince of darkness of this world would fly into a rage; he would set out to give battle to the one I would be sending;

What can one do then to remove this Obstacle?

place your plea before Me, your God; pray, sacrifice and do not look for praise or honour; keep a smiling face and listen to My Commandments; I will reinforce you to gather My shepherds around one Altar; this will be My Work; and you will have Saint Michael the Archangel as your support; he is your guardian Angel as he is to all My people; he will assist you as he had done before in each battle; he will banish the strongholds that keep My Church divided, and he will be victorious; as for the fowlers who are hoping to destroy you, they will self destroy themselves; I will topple their empire with My sound teaching and My faithfulness; I will topple My enemy with those I have freshly raised from the grave; I will topple every opposition with My Love and Mercy; I will silence the wicked with rivers of Mercy;

My sister, you have been asked to offer sacrifices and so you have; today I am asking you to evangelize on what has been stolen by the enemy and that is charity and the spirit of reconciliation among My shepherds; I cannot rest not until I see My Church reconciled and unified… allow Me to write on the tablet of your heart My desires and My instructions giving you the sighs of My desires on your forehead; remind My shepherds that besides gathering for prayers or discourses I need to see them gathered around one Altar, celebrating together in one voice: the Liturgy; we, us? all grains of Unity will be spread!

1 I think of ‘getting fatter’