January 6, 2006

Lord Jesus Christ You are
the joy of my life,

remember, My Child, My Cross and the ransom that was paid to redeem and free you to enjoy Eternal Life; even though you do not have words to express your complete joy and your love to Me, your heart gives Me praise every time you come to Me in poverty; Vassula, I once told you that when you embrace Me, you are as well embracing My Cross; come closer to Me and have some share in My sufferings; bearing My Cross is a blessing; you and others do not seem to understand fully that this is the symbol that I, God, am resting on you; see what a privilege? the Godhead resting on his creatures? remain in the fiery embrace of your Creator and Bridegroom and set aside all your worries, temptations, failures and ailments, pains and anxieties and fall into bliss and forgetfulness, fall in the quiet and focus on Me, your God and All; I am All; in My embrace your soul will experience My hidden mysteries;

I delight in your nothingness, I delight in children; remain in Me and never let go; and when people confront you and say all sorts of unethical sayings, contradicting you, agonizing you, administering you with their poison, remember Me, remember My Passion, remember what Scriptures say about the Vine and the branches; the branches that were cut off were cut off because they did not remain in Me; those who were cut off from Me in their dryness have not understood the Truth nor My Wealth; in this spiritual death and in their emptiness they oppress anyone who calls on Me and whom I have favoured; you see I have led you to follow the ancient path of My prophets, spoken to you in mystical language, adorned you with gifts to express My Words in hymns of Love; led you through contemplative methods, gave you the urge and zeal towards the good and the desire to please Me; I offered you something that goes beyond any mind’s comprehension and that is: to converse with Me with such directness whenever you desire; therefore, your opponents who treat you with hostility and who provoke Me will be judged severely by Me; these things go beyond them in their dryness; similar to those branches that need to be thrown on the fire; having refused the rich sap provided by the Vine itself they withered and can do nothing; yes, they will be collected by My Angels and thrown on the fire to be burnt;

and you, daughter, I will very rightly repay with injury those who are injuring you and I will reward you for putting up for My Sake injustice and persecution; know that I have written My Name all over you so that you will continue to withstand with fortitude and dignity the scourge given by your persecutors who in reality are My persecutors of My Cross; I bless you, and give you My Peace ic