January 5, 2006

I have now, after all these years that passed by
no doubt that Your Word O Lord has come to me;

yes, Lord, through a weak creature
who, through Your Power and Authority
managed to pass on Your Word to others…

You have, in such an ineffable way,
revealed to me Your Holiness and Your Will;

You have entrusted me with Your Word
to remind the nations of its duty to You,
and to convey to every being
that You are calling them all
to reconcile with You and their fellow brethren;
You have been sending me to bring nations back
to obedience and love,

You have been sending me to Your shepherds
to bring the churches to repent of the sin of division
and to reconcile with one another and unite;
a most difficult task, beyond human capacity;
for this Message alone
takes the form of a series of threats;

who of them accepted humbly Your reproaches?
who, tell me, Lord, of these ruling powers
have declined and listened?
weigh Your people, Lord…
assess them… who is on Your side so far?
I am despised by my own 1
when I convey Your Word on Unity;

yes, My Vassula, the devil keeps them apart; be at peace though and be patient… prophesy to My people and do not ever get discouraged; do not sadden Me; you know by now that I can do great things! be of good cheer! remember, I have been and am still your Teacher who anointed you; the anointing I gave you opened the eye of your soul and taught you everything you had to learn; you are anointed with the Truth and as it has been taught to you so will it be taught to others; I am known to have struck down mighty kings, famous kings; I will always snatch My flower from your oppressors; and I will provide you with a Spirit of Fortitude; so remain in Me where you obtain life in Me; Heaven is so ineffable in beauty, My child; you will be living in Heaven in Me; in fullness…

… and God will be around me, in me and all over me,
within me and without;

Heaven is to be light and living in the Light
and being one with the Light…

absorbed and dissolved within the Light …
and existing, being…

everything within the Light, all worldly matters,
everything of the past and present,
and all thoughts within us
are forgotten, effaced, inexistent,
and are, instead, replaced with
ineffable captivating sweetness of God
and an immense joy of soul,
a freedom of the spirit, a thirst
to keep savouring continuously these
consolations and favours that God
alone and only God in His Divine
embrace can give to a soul;

no wonder that those that had
an outer body experience and have seen God,
facing Him even for a split of a second
did not want to return to earth!

now, I know that I possess You as You
possess me and all these delights
I experience in Your Presence are
given by You, Lover of mankind!
this is to live a life beyond being,
a life in eternity,
a life that illumines
the rest of the world;

all that I taught you with abundance has been freely given; this alone suffices for you… I have been lecturing you Byzantine lectures in a fatherly manner to integrate you in Me; I have given you vivid images 2 of the past and future; I have revealed to you through grace My Heart and allowed you to count its pulsations; I have put an end to your rebellion and brought you in My Heart to abide within It; victim of My Soul, move in Me, breathe in Me, live in Me; the Word now dwells in your heart and this overwhelms Me with joy! you are the work of My Hands after all and have fashioned you without any effort; I made you travel through rugged roads, but this is how I treat, 3 yes, My friends; be My harp and delight Me with your expressions; blessed of My Soul, expressions that you have learned from Me; deprive Me not of your hand and time; I, the Lord bless you… ic

1 the majority of Greek Orthodox clergy
2 visions
3 here I knew what He was going to say…