January 3, 2006

peace be with you; look at Me; My friend and My companion look at your King and steady your steps… pay tribute to My Holy Name since I have allowed you to be present in My Sacred Heart and in My Courts; I have anointed your head with oil to proclaim My Word and My Glory for everlasting times;

giving drink to lonely wastes and making trees bloom where everything is dead is indeed My delight; I delight in giving life! supreme in power and grace I Am; meditate, daughter, upon My wonders; you have journeyed around the world with Me providing you with speech; it is right to say in every meeting that we journeyed together; why, did you think for an inkling that the Shepherd will abandon His lamb? you have been authorized by Me to speak in My Name, to repeat My Words and to make known My Will to My people, to console and encourage them, to have My Spirit binding evil spirits; you have only to open your mouth for Me to fill it…

it is well known that the mouth of the virtuous is a life-giving fountain; the lips of the virtuous soul nourishes a multitude; the revolution of these times is not to acknowledge Me as a living God; the powers of these spirits of darkness are hidden sources on the same ground you are living on; I am standing above and remain indignant, for these are, after all, My sons and daughters! 1 blinded then by sin their faults are never present in their minds; these evil forces create rebellion, and denial of My existence is in their contemporary conversation; but I am telling you: from the East shall shine My Glory impelled by the Breath of My Holy Spirit; the East shall rise; wait and you shall see, My child;

to bring My sons and daughters from afar, flying back to Me will be the smallest gift for My Church, for the greater one will be when My Church will reconcile and unite; for now, My Church is in turmoil and tossed about by the evil one; there is mistrust among shepherds when it comes to speak about unity; many of them do not speak the truth; in the beginning I had revealed to you how they maimed My Body;

Heaven is mourning and many of My shepherds do not realize how My Eyes run with weeping tears of blood; signs! what do they make out of them? who attempted among them to understand their meaning?

I have put you in this battle of your times in the fight against sin, so hold up your chin, daughter, I am levelling the path you are treading on while your hands will be carrying My Messages that give life and if the opposition gets harder on you, endure this cross for My Sake; I am here to guide your steps, see? I will keep My Gates opened continually for those who will return to Me; call out the Message of repentance and continue to recall the truths that I have given you; lead My people to live a True Life in Me; be confident for I am by your side ic

come! 2 worship our Lord; I am Daniel your guardian angel and the guardian of the door of Justice; the Lord will give you strength to overcome your persecutors; the Mighty and Glorious One will lead you with bonds of Love to triumph over them and those who oppress all His Works; Emmanuel will keep you in His Fiery Embrace forever while you will continue to feed from Him; and I will keep rejoicing seeing you eternally bonded to the Most High, and as I watch you, My eyes fill up with tears of joy, rejoice! for you have no idea what the Lord, God, has offered you that sacred day when He approached you trembling with emotion, while His Gaze never leaving you, and His Hands dripping with anointing oil to anoint you; and as I watched this formidable sight of the Saviour, approaching His beloved, full of grace in His Countenance, I too trembled with emotion at that awesome sight; then ever so gently the King leaned on you and anointed you, reviving you; – He blossomed you; –

O God so merciful and tender-hearted! I give glory to You, My Lord! every Work that You do is full of Glory and Majesty and Your Righteousness can never change! happy all who take shelter in You! for You work wonders for those You love…

Vassiliki, I am your watchman as well; hard as the godless harry you I shall always console you and bless you… the heartfelt prayers of an anointed being are very powerful; pray then with confidence; I, Daniel, bring you the Peace of our Lord; feel loved by Him! Daniel –

1 forces of darkness that are constant at our heels, to tempt us and destroy us: ‘after all’ means here: behind all, hunting all etc …
2 My Angel Daniel spoke