December 12-15, 2003

feel free to come to Me, My beloved; he 1 is reckless and keeps fanning fire; could I always look at apathy? his ways revolt Me… now grant Me your time, daughter, attend to My interests and honour Me; love Me and abide in My Light! We are near you to sanctify you and bless you; We are near you and with you to guide you;

I am the Light and he who lives in the Light becomes part of the Light… in Me there is no trace of darkness nor any shadow; grace makes part of Me and is light as well; when grace is diminished on someone that persistently offends Me, so then the light given to him diminishes and gradually too fades away… if one remains in My grace, he remains in My Light that widens his knowledge into spiritual realities and riches, since a powerful transformation takes place within the Light, leading him towards higher ascents, deeper in Me, your God, progressing his soul, enlivening him, putting him ablaze, and like a straw lifted by fire, in this manner do I lift him into higher ascents of holiness; but those who fall from grace, fall from My sight and what a fall that is! they fall into profound obscurity, in veils of darkness…

all of you are given access to make part of My Light and become one flame; as much as grace is Light, so are the virtues that are in the Light; they are obtained by those who dwell in Me, in My Light, and through the intimate relationship with Me; these 2 will enliven you into becoming light allowing you to grow into piety, truly resembling Me, transforming you into a god 3, and transforming your mind, soul and heart to radiate My Glory, for within you will be Nobility Itself 4, My Kingdom and My Throne; and anyone who sees you will be perceiving Me, not you; altogether we shall be one; My Light, My grace and My virtues obtained through your effacement will be streaming in you, inundating your soul to such a degree, that your spirit will be aware of My Divinity; just as I once explained it to you, when the bride who stepped in the bridal Chamber was allowed to lift the veil of her Bridegroom and discover His Divinity behind the bridal veil, so it is when by grace I draw your soul into My depths of Light, when I have condescended you to behold My Holy Countenance, a formidable sight that is;

falling away from grace and from My Light, produces in a soul such darkness and inadequacy to discern right from wrong, that it becomes an impediment to grace and unless guided 5, this soul will remain in darkness; to regain grace and the Light, this soul has to strive unceasingly; a difficult spiritual ascent but not impossible; Vassula, I and you will continue to work in this way for the benefit of My Church; My Soul pains Me for all that I see around Me 6; do your work with Me, I delight in your nothingness; remember, I am an Infinite Ocean of Mercy; I Am is with you; ic

1 this was about a priest who discontented our Lord since 1985, despite our Lord’s merciful attempts to straighten him up. We had to separate from him…
2 the virtues
3 god by participation: adoptive sons and daughters of the Most High
4 God
5 by a spiritual director
6 Jesus Christ is grieving on the world, the state of the Church (people) and as well on the misbehaviour and unfaithfulness of certain people in our groups