October 30, 2003

For Rome’s meeting of TLIG

My peace I give to you all; blessed of My soul, work in harmony in My Name; I am on your side and with you; whosoever opposes you in your work, he will be opposing My designs; do not waver any longer but open your eyes and rejoice! since you have been brought to live a true life in Me, you must look for 1 My Interests; depend on Me, and I shall send My Light far and wide in you; be fit for Me, your Lord, never ceasing to do good; rely on Me and you shall live; be one;


I, the Lord Jesus, who raised you, tell you:

– may each one of your labours produce its fruit and that your activities done in My Name be fruitful;

– may your oppressors who in vainglory rise higher than My intentions, accusing you without mercy in their lack of sound judgment have their sins fall on their own heads; be in peace;

I am with you, Vassula-of-My-Sacred-Heart… ic

1 heard at the same time the word ‘after’