February 5, 2004

daughter, I have wrapped you in a robe of light to show to this generation My Glory; have you not read that I use the winds as messengers and fiery flames as servants? a single day in My courts, a few drops of My Blood on them, a single glance from Me and a blessing with anointed oil and they are ready and sturdy as a rock to go out and address My Word to the world; the assembly of the holy ones in heaven accompanies them to swiften their feet; I, Myself, shepherd them while hastening on the way we are to go; ah, Vassula, I am the Resurrection and the Life; all I have given you in written form is an effulgent spring that purifies body and mind, soul and heart, cleansing tar and soot; I, the Christ, have the power to transform your entire being from darkness into light;

for the past eighteen years I have been speaking to you in your heart through the power of My Holy Spirit; My Merciful Odes that hold within them mystical revelations and instructions, are for you and for this atrophic generation; they are a gift from the Father, from Me and from the Holy Spirit; We did not speak in a manner philosophers speak, but as friends do; the treasure I have revealed to you in these messages is Myself… My daughter, I had asked you in the beginning of My call to you to make haste and run to your brothers and sisters to share this divine treasure with them in which I reveal My Glory and My Mercy; I had asked you to summon everyone, no matter who they were, or from what creed they belonged to, and stir them up from their sleep; some, as you have seen, responded to Me with great zeal, willing to practise even an ascetic life; others though, have failed to understand Me and rejected Me for no reason, affecting others as well that surrounded them; I have given you, My Vassula, lectures of Byzantine spirituality as well, yet even those who say they worship Me, calling themselves Byzantines deprived themselves willingly to step into the palm of My Hand and recognize Me; then grossly rejected My blessing and My grace… they claim they know everything but they know nothing…

to encounter Me, when I am manifesting Myself through Light is a prodigy; nothing is impossible for God; so, you 1, brother, of the Eastern Church, I ask you:

– can I, as God, unfold My Mysteries to man if I so wish? – can God, in your times manifest Himself to man through a ray of divine Light and that man can perceive it through grace?
– you attribute true religion to Orthodoxy, has then Orthodoxy ever rejected the possibility of divine Instruction given to man through the Light of the Holy Spirit?
– tell Me, My friend, what is the peak of the mystical life you are talking about? is it not the intimate and personal encounter with Me, the Christ?
– can man perceive My Knowledge 2 on his own? no, indeed no, My Knowledge is perceived only through the light of the Cross which makes all things that are invisible to the eye, visible, and luminous; it is only through the Eye of your redemptive Instrument that one can see all Its bearings;
– what is then to know Me and understand Me? and what is the relationship between God and man?
– can I, as the Christ, award the fullness of My grace to those who sincerely seek grace?
– you have performed many tasks daily, but I earnestly would like you to find refuge in My Heart, have your repose in Me, your God…
– can I, as God, in your so aggravating times, manifest My grief to man, and to whom I please, sharing with him My concerns?
– do not delude yourself and say, “it is impossible for a simple man to obtain the treasure of the Holy Spirit!” who are you to judge Me? what is dust to provoke Me? undoubtedly, everyone in the end will be judged and will have to answer for all that he has done or not done;
– have you, who scrutinize Me, ever tasted Me, like David 3 ?
– are you sure you are possessing Me and yet you do not recognize Me in My speech?
– learn to say: “I have learnt how to possess God, He who fathered me, He made Himself known to me, yet without ever losing His transcendence! He who encompasses all beings possesses me as well and has now, in my nothingness, ordered all things within me to be according to His divine Will…” then, having said this, you must tell Me, My friend, what is it like to have discovered Me within you? what was it like to have lifted the Veil of the Bridegroom and discover My Divinity? allow then My Holy Spirit to invade you with His Light and turn your soul into a Cathedral!
– can any man reach, while on earth, the ineffable and purest virtue of impassibility without Me having visited him by Fire?
– and if indeed I passed through a city 4, would it go by unnoticed? or would My passage not enflame the entire city?
– have you not read before that I can guide My people and reveal to them My Will without notifying man?
– is it evil when the Bridegroom comes to this generation to draw souls closer to the flames of Love of His Heart and enshroud them in Me to enable them to rule with Me, their God? I solemnly ask you, what have you done with the Scriptures? are they not My reflection? how is it then, if you say you know the Scriptures, you do not recognize Me in this work? how is it you so easily contradict the truth?
– can a man who is spiritually dead understand the Scriptures putting them into practice unless he is alive? if a man understands the Scriptures and My sayings that are reflecting My Image, he would not say: “Scriptures are enough for me and the sayings of the Fathers of the Church…”

in these times of grace, I present Myself as Mercy; I have not come to add anything new, or contradict the Scriptures and the Tradition of My church, nor have I come to raise a new church; but I have come to renew My creation and resurrect the dead seeds to a Life in Me; I have come to embellish My Church that I bought with My Own Blood, enrich it and fill it with divine Light; I have come with Mercy to unite My Church; learn that everything is under My Sceptre;


1 The Lord gave me a specific name of a sacerdotal soul who lives in the USA and belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church
2 Wisdom
3 David of the Psalms
4 metaphoric: our Lord means ‘soul’