December 4, 1986

(Still I’m amazed and have enormous doubts of how this is happening. How could this happen? I mean how can I not control my writing hand. It’s like I’m being used by another force. But I’m too realistic, that’s why I doubt, and yet, it’s happening, I’m confused … )

I am here; it is I, Jesus; daughter, remember you are spirit and I am also Spirit1 and Holy; I live in you and you in Me; remain in Me; I, Jesus, am with you always; understand this: be in My Light, for I am the Light and through Me you are receiving knowledge; you are progressing;

All right, You have convinced me that it is You. You have reached Your two goals: that I love You, was one, and that You are meeting me in this way is the other. You have seduced me. I know that I’m not more schizophrenic than the rest of the world, or psychotic than the psychiatrist himself. I know that it is not from the devils since I know how one feels when attacked by them, giving a disquieting feeling of torments. 2 I have not chosen to receive Your calls since I was totally aloof from You. You willed it My God. I do not regret, how could I, since I’m seduced now!

child, I elevated you to enable you to be with Me; I taught you to love Me; are you happy to be with Me in this way?

Oh yes!

I bless you from the core of My Heart;

1 This does not deny His Glorious Body nor my flesh.
2 That is when I was attacked before, so that I abandoned the writings.