October 23, 1986

Vassula, which house needs you more? I want you to choose;

Jesus, if You are asking me what is more important, Your House or mine, I would of course say “Your House”; and to choose, I choose Your House.

I bless you;

(Jesus seemed so pleased!)

I will guide you, little one;

come, take with you My Cross and follow Me; remember, I will help you; you will be My disciple; I will help you to reveal Me; I am Holy, I am Holy, so be Holy, live Holy; I will give you My support; Vassula, are you willing to work for Me?

Name Yourself again.

Jesus Christ;

Yes, I will work for You.

I love you; call Me when you wish;

(I was agreeing without really realising what it means to work for God. Since I love God I wanted to please Him. I never realised my incapacity!)

hear Me, listen to My cries, listen to My cries, can you see My Cross? I am Jesus who brings forth this vision; 1 I call, I am suffering because I am counting you, My beloved, and I see you scattered and unaware of the dangers the devil has laid out for you; My Heart lacerates to see you so far away from Me!

(For a whole month, Jesus was giving me images of His Cross. Wherever I turned my head and looked in any direction, a huge dark-brown cross was standing. If I lifted my eyes from my plate, while eating, this enormous Cross was there. If I looked from within my mosquito-net, the Cross again. If I walked out and went to another room, to sit, or whatever, the Cross followed and it was there. For a month; it was as though it was haunting me.

Then another thing started to haunt me. That all that’s happening is perhaps not from God. But then, if it was from the devil, how dumb can he get? I started to fear what people would say of this, what will happen to me. I will be mocked!)

daughter, daughter, live in peace!

(I was suspicious.)

Who is it?

it is I, Jesus, remain near Me; I have been calling you for years; I wanted you to love Me, Vassula …

Jesus, when was the first time You called me?

the time you were going to Lebanon; I called you in your sleep; you saw Me; remember how I pulled you towards Me, calling you?

Yes, I remember, I was very frightened. I was about ten. I was frightened by Your force that pulled me. It felt like a strong current, like a magnet pulling a small magnet. I tried to resist and pull away, but I couldn’t until I found myself stuck on You, then I woke up.

(I found it strange that Jesus reminded me of this dream; and how I could remember it still.)

1 I saw a huge dark Cross.