May 22, 2012

My Peace I give you, My child; I have called you and formed you to declare with power My Word and remind this generation that without Me, they are targets for Satan; vain and deceptive he is known to be, and yet so many of them follow him blindly!

Vassula, I am all Heart! pass on My Words to all of this generation and grieve not when those who do not want to listen in their incredulity turn their backs to you… be zealous and remain in My Peace;

child of My Heart, delight always in My Presence, giving Me honour and glory;

1 I am the Gateway of Hope where there is despair; of Joy where there is sorrow, of Consolation where there is affliction; I am the Gate of Life where there is death. I will speak to their heart, leading them out of their wilderness and with great tenderness I will attend My sheep; I shall not be hard on them and I will listen to the lowly when they will ask for forgiveness;

indeed many of you have forgotten My teaching, and have forgotten Me, yet, I have never forgotten you, although, ahh, so many of you have sinned against Me… come to Me and learn that I am the Good Shepherd; I am your powerful protection, your strong support who revives your spirit and brightens your eyes; I give healing, life and blessings; I am All;

come to Me and speak to Me from your heart and I will listen; turn your life into an unceasing prayer and delight Me; pray, pray, pray and straighten your ways; strip yourselves clean through repentance and do not waste your days anymore with earthly things that wear away, instead turn your eyes on My Wealth that gives life; do all you can to live holy and at peace with everyone; be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect and your sins will no more dominate your life; live by grace a True Life in Me, your God, and I will quench your thirst; I Jesus Christ bless each one of you; ic”

keep Me Vassula secure in your heart and embellish My House; revive it and unite it; allow Me to direct you in this path for My Glory; I Am is with you always, daughter; ic

1 Message for Cyprus