January 11, 2013

My Vassula, My Peace I give to you, as much as My blessings; do not leave the path that I laid out for you;

– are my actions wrong?

no, all I want to tell you is: peer into My Heart and supply yourself with the riches of My Heart; do not wear yourself out; the wealth of My Goodness and Mercy are in there, like purple vestments, royal and sovereign, so are My treasures; so do not doubt, the path I laid out for you has no blemishes; see? see how glorious are My Works? give your strength to others who need it, encourage and console My people; be steadfast in this mission I have given you to exalt My Holy Name and keep reminding My people that I, like the morning star among the clouds will appear allowing everyone to examine themself before My Judgment comes!

and on that day of My visitation some will find themselves acquitted, others will suffer for having ignored Me, and still others will feel the sting of an arrow; and others who have been challenging Me, rebelling against Me intentionally and disregarding My decrees, will suffer the pains of death;

ah Vassula! do not worry about those who are trying with frenzy to diminish and destroy My Works and My Messages;… — say it!

yes! Your Power is more powerful than all Hell put together!

absolutely! be in peace, bless My people and disregard My Enemy’s voice … the Deceiver;  ic