August 20, 2001

Vassula, know that I, Yahweh, love you; never doubt of My Presence; I Am is with you and delights in you;

progress, you will obtain from Me, let no one in this desert I have put you in, persuade you that I am not daily with you; worship Me and glorify My Name; blessed is he who caresses My ineffable beauty, and thirsts for Me, he will become My perfect garden; and I shall dwell in him;

daughter, resist from the evil’s attacks by ignoring his attacks on you; My Name is printed all over you and this alone infuriates him; yes, he uses people and he gets his pleasure when they are sacerdotals who use slander on you; but evil will bring death to the wicked;

while evil is going about foaming like a rabid dog, you, My Vassula, should do the opposite, practise good, seek for peace, pursue love, plant righteousness and virtue where there is vice; be My aromatic scent; do not forget from whom you descend; with My Instructions followed, you will prove that you were chosen by Me to be My heaven set with constellations of every brightness; set out to draw to Me other heavens in which I can establish My Kingdom in them;

oh Vassula! the hour of crisis is now looming over the earth; what this earth has sown is now going to be reaped; the devil will be pouring out his vomit over you, generation; all of his contempt he always had for you will be poured; field after field of iniquities, deceptions, injustices and vile sins have covered your hands; peaks of pride, peaks of selfishness, peaks of obstinacies, peaks of godlessness, peaks of every kind, endless peaks, as smoke is dispersed and seen no more, I will disperse; wait and you shall see;

Yahweh is My Name!