August 14, 2001

My Yahweh is looking down from His Throne
at us, at each one of us, studying us;

who among us is ready to offer our Father
a wreath of virtues?

who among Your population, my Yahweh,
is climbing Your holy mountain?

how many are speaking the truth
from the depth of their heart?

who is blameless?

I have been helped, and am still helped,
since my soul in its wretchedness
is constantly crying to You for help;

were You, for even a slight moment,
to turn Your Holy Face away from me;
my life will shrink and will go down in the shadow of Death;

You are my Light, my Feast,
the Godhead who holds me alive;

I will remain alive
so long as You continue to breathe in me;

You have in Your ineffable graciousness
bestowed upon me so many favours;
You have granted me to call You at any time,
and converse with You,
a gift difficult by others to believe;

O Lord, help me to accept all their accusations!

peace be with you; little flower, Mine;

why should I not feel free to talk to you? or am I to take counsel from men now? (…)1 there is more than that … feel free to call Me when you wish; I, Yahweh, have given you this gift; I am free to give to whom I want and how much I want! delight Me, daughter, by having Me in your mind ceaselessly;

2 I have put him on your way;

every step you take in My Name, I bless; every sound uttered from your mouth, concerning Me, I bless; behold, have more confidence, I have given you My Words in your mouth, so be of good cheer; continue to do good; goodness comes from Me;

come, we shall continue My Work on this level; 3 allow Me to engage you for some more time; every word comes from Me; I have chosen you as My dwelling so do not afflict your heart for those who accuse you; I, your Creator, am with you, so feel happy; never forget this … you are too small to understand this … never doubt, come;

1 I said something here to Yahweh my God.
2 At this point I received an image of a certain priest whom I know.
3 Level of instructions.