August 3, 2001

peace be with you;
say, My beloved, these words to Me in My Feast,

“draw me, my Beloved, in Your Footsteps
that exhale a sweet scent of myrrh;

lead me by the hand into Your Chamber, 1 my King,
where in privacy I will hear Your royal Voice;

brighten my face, O Lover of mankind, with Your smile;
let Your gaze of tender love,
an all-excelling glance, transcending every sense,
be upon me;

if I have ever failed You
or even for a mere instance made You raise an eyebrow
because of my frailty,
I implore Your most Sacred Heart to show me compassion;

You have the power over life and death
and I now come to You
to find my shelter in Your Sacred Heart
where one finds Life and everlasting rest;”

behold, this is the Heart that bled for you and for all humanity; this is the Heart of consolation and of mercy; this is the Heart that favoured you; whoever adores this Heart shall be veiled with the veil of Wisdom, beautifying your soul to enter thus, adorned, into the likeness of Myself;

– can you tell Me, daughter, where were you born?

I was born in Your Sacred Heart; 2

yes! you were born in My Sacred Heart; all who belong to Me were born in My Heart;

have you not read: “he will cry out to Me: ‘You are my Father, my God, the Rock of my salvation!’ so I shall make him My first-born, the highest of earthly kings;” since his nobility will come from the King of kings, and because he will be living in the heights among those I deified through My Divinity; earthly kings belong to earthly elements, but those who are born of Me will have a higher dominion in heaven; ordinary people are a mere puff of wind; important people a delusion, set both on the scales together and they are a puff of wind; 3 therefore, say to your soul, My beloved ones:

“rest in God alone,
for He is the only source of your hope;”

let your heart exult and your soul be renewed for in these times I am pouring My graces on humanity like never before in history; ic;

1 Sacred Heart.
2 The Spirit of the Lord gave me these words ….