May 21, 2001

Lord, our iniquities are great, but forgive us,
help us so that our flesh blooms once more!
Pull each soul out of the net the enemy has spread over them,
for you alone are our Refuge, our Rock, our Fortress and our Life;

The Plague that is stalking in our world
and works only by night in shadow of death,
but wreaks havoc by its scourge in broad daylight
is now looming over Your Fold;
are You going to take a stand
to save Your people from the mire of evil men?

Scriptures say: “Yahweh loves those who repudiate evil,
He guards the souls of the devout,
rescuing them from the clutches of the wicked;”

let then Your Powerful Arm come to our rescue;
let the enemy tremble before Your Majesty;
do not let the enemy say: “how unreliable is Your God …”

the Enemy is challenging You, testing You, my God,
to see what You could do;
so, my Yahweh, who revived me in Your Mercy,
show Your Greatness
and that indeed You are our Safety, our Rock and on our side,
show Your Glory and Power,
remember Your virtuous, Your people
and all those who served You with passion;

So when are You going to thunder Your verdicts from heaven?
when are You going to stand up and pound the earth with Your Sceptre
to pronounce silence?

one look of reproof from You
and all elements of the earth can catch fire;

one move from You
and the earth will be reduced to a desolation;

one word of wrath from You
and the stars will come rolling down from heaven, plunging on us;

Lord! I am Your handiwork
and You have put a spark inside me to keep me alive;
if I am burning now with ‘pathos’1
for the virtuous, Your people and the just
to find justice in You,
it is from Your Flame;

grant me, to see justice done to Your holy ones,
deploy Your Strength by ordering all things to turn good;

let your Triumph come!

I once said to you, Vassula, that My people, the flock, are straying this way and that; for this reason I called for a period of grace; in this period of grace I meant to display the Holiness of My Name so that whosoever had profaned himself would have the opportunity of a return;

I come in this period of grace to encourage you all to live holy and follow My Precepts; My Name reached many lands and distant islands; I ranged the earth as I had foretold you, with My Call, in order that every ear would hear Me and have the opportunity to discover Me; for the impenetrable heart I gave special graces to open it by My rays of divine Light, and, like a beam of Light, I shone even in those hearts;

what am I to say today? have I failed to feed the Flock? have I ever turned My Eyes away from your sick and lonely? have I not levelled your path for you so that when you walk you would not stumble? have I not shown to all of you the depths of My Mercy? when I saw so many of you going down the alley of death and being so far from the path of Life, have I not intervened? but, ah! so many of you are still rebelling against Me …

as I have said before to the good and the bad; have I not said to you, daughter, to go and tell everyone, good or bad, these words:

“I make My Voice be heard from above; I shout aloud so that everyone hears, good or bad; indeed My Voice has reached the ends of the world; the good alike the bad need to repent; the good for not doing exactly My Will and for not praying in the right way; many of them approach Me only in words; the bad, for committing mortal sins without ceasing because of their hardness of heart and their indifference towards Me;”

but I will tell you what happens and what I mean; Scriptures teach you all, that once the hand is laid on the plough, no one should look back, for you will not be fit for the Kingdom of God;

when you were slaves of sin you felt no obligation to righteousness, and what did you get from this? nothing but experiences that now make you blush since that sort of behaviour ends in death; but now you have been shown the way once more and are set free from the mire which is your sin and guilt; you have been made slaves of God but you get a reward leading to your sanctification, ending into your heavenly home; as for the wage paid by sin, is death; the gift given to you by Me is eternal life in Jesus Christ My Son;

from an imprisoned life in sin I turned you into a free person, Vassiliki, free to walk into the path of virtues I laid out for you all; through grace I made you see celestial things that you knew nothing about; in this period of grace I showed to you all My Splendour, but after having showered on so many of you as well, all these graces, still, many are far away from Me;

when I made known My Messages to this generation it trumpeted aloud: “come and hear the Word of God!” people rushed in throngs; they flocked all around My envoy to listen to My Words; they listened but never understood fully My Words, and these same ones still listen, they read but the Word does not penetrate their heart, and they still read, but their hearts are far away from Me; they do not act on My Words; they look rather for signs in the sky because their hearts are still not set for Me; yes, they listen to My Words with indifference and this is why they do not put them into practice; the Kingdom of God is among you but you do not see it for you have not repented nor have you given Me any kenosis; 2

if this miracle, for a miracle it is when I speak, did nothing to you and you do not see it, how then, you, who have received so much, expect to enter empty handed in Heaven? God is very near you and yet how is it you do not see Him? have you not heard the angels’ invitation to My banquet? have you not seen the largesse of My Hand? when I shout, the world disintegrates and many kingdoms totter;

you have asked Me, daughter, when will I thunder My verdicts from Heaven? I truly tell you: when this time of Mercy and Grace is over … then you asked Me to let My Powerful Hand come to your rescue from the enemy; have I been with you all this time, and you still have not seen My Powerful Hand? I tell you most solemnly, whoever makes haste through repentance and endeavours to return to Me, I, in My turn, will baptise him with the Holy Spirit to become spotless and according to My liking;

you say, that the enemy is challenging Me; yes, he has always been challenging Me, but have I not taught you to repudiate him? 3 have I not always taken a stand to save the Flock from the mire of the evil one? the devil has no power over anyone if he is well rooted within Me;

as for those whose hearts are still in mire, the day they cry out to Me, they will see Me as their Judge; but in these times of Grace, I come with Mercy, and I address you with poetry; My words uttered are religion and virtue; with oil of gladness I anoint all those who approach Me, sealing them on their foreheads; this is My approach to you all in these times; My approach is Redemption, Saving Help, Mercy; if you only realised what I am offering, you would not just stand there, you would open the door to your heart and welcome Me; I am overwhelming you all with miracles to array your soul and be fit for My Kingdom;

and you, daughter, who dwell in My garden, remain peaceful to be able to listen to My Voice; I bless you and those I have given you to help you carry the Cross of Unity My Son entrusted you with; do not mind those who oversee the good My Work produces and do not believe; their proud waves shall be broken one day; you shall see My Power when My Work shall multiply and affect the world which is immersed in sin;

come, be in meditation in My Presence; I am with you;

1 Greek word for passion.

2 Greek word meaning: space.

3 I understood that the evil one challenges God through us!