September 28, 2000

From Your Temple, my Lord,
hear my voice and let me hear Yours;
let this generation open their ear
to hear Your Words that are sweeter than honey,
even than honey that drips from the comb;
David said: “Your servants are formed from Your Words …” 1

and so they are, for look! what have you all seen? what have you heard? an elite walking among the elite? a philosopher or a high ranked member of a theological academy? have you seen someone dressed in royal purple, wealth, and acquiring worldly knowledge? no? then you who went out to hear, what did you hear? an authority given by men? oh no, for those who seat themselves and govern you, are not anointed with the oil of prophecy; then what did you hear all these years?

a heart? yes! that is what you came to see and hear; a heart formed from My Words, who defies the evil powers and the dominion of the Evil one, but that raises My Name in praise and glory, consoling the disheartened and the distressed, nourishing the starved with My Words; you came to hear a lenient heart formed by Me and from My Words; yes, My servants are formed from My Words, and to this day, I sit on My Throne commanding that city, inviting all the passers by:

“who has decided to discipline his life in Me? who has made up his mind to be corrected and come and abide in Me? woe to faint hearts, woe to the listless heart, woe to the proud and stubborn heart, their weight of sin shall draw them down to hell! today again I come to you, generation, to form you from My Saving Words, and anoint you to do good; do not remain like a withered tree, come to Me and I will blossom you, and your fruit will be good; come to Me and when I will touch your lips, your lips will drip with kindness and you will be delivered from death;”

Yahweh guides our steps,
otherwise how can you on your own see where you are going?
Yahweh’s Throne can only be mounted on kindness,
Scriptures say it;

and so it is …. so do not say, “with whose authority she2 has come to speak to us?” I am her Authority and this Authority has come to tell the mockers, 3 “I will expel you from your seats but I will lift the lowly to send them out and evangelise a dechristianised people;” I drew a long breath, sighing, while I was passing by those mockers; entirely overgrown is their spirit with nettles; as I was gazing on the Vineyard4 My Son Jesus Christ left to them, 5 I drew another long breath; “where is the banquet of fine wines? of food rich and juicy, of fine strained wines? is this the place where a thousand vines used to be?”

ah, generation, how I pity you! poverty is at your elbow and, like a beggar, want; 6 “eat honey, 7 since it is good; honey that drips from the comb is sweet to the taste and will save you!” says I; but nobody truly listens, only a remnant is eager to listen;

a House was built by Wisdom, bought by Precious Blood; suddenly the vengeance of Satan rose to destroy It; “whom shall I send to do this work of destruction? why, I will send the Beast and his followers to tear down and divide, to profane and abolish that which is most Holy ….”

when adversity came, I came to rescue, but no one truly, from the officials of the Church, listened; “it is only a private revelation, you need not lend your ear to it;” they would say;

to conceal My Voice is a mortal sin; to sift Me through and through and scan Me is an abhorrent sin in My Eyes; will your incredulity say one day: “but look, we did not know; we did not know that we offended Your Mercy;” indeed you have offended My Mercy; not only have you offended My Mercy but you have allowed the evil powers to gain ground and despoil the House My Son bought with His Precious Blood, because of your incredulity; and how! how ingeniously you get round My Words in order to justify your incredulity!

do you not realise that you have taken My Seat? do you realise that you are becoming the enemy of the whole human race? since hindering and diminishing the value of My Words through My prophets you are obstructing them from pronouncing My Will to My people and from gathering together and uniting the House of My Son?

have you not heard: “where there is no vision the people get out of hand; blessed are they who keep the Precept;” 8

I am praying for this one who called out to you: “I have come to despair of all the efforts I have expended under the sun ….”

and I tell him: “you have not toiled in vain; I have no pleasure in this division which is a grave sin, but unity is not beyond your reach”; many distorted words will come from many hearts, but am I not calling meanwhile? if you lose heart, turn to Me ….

“My servants are formed from My Words”, My Spirit said to David; and you will recognise them in their speech and by what they utter; this generation is pining away, so will I not intervene in such an apostasy? the ravager is ravaging Our Vineyards, plundering the Scriptures and you know it; will I not intervene? look! My Abels are lamenting in the desert; My ambassadors of peace weep bitterly on the hardness of your heart as My Son wept bitterly over the hardness of heart, of Jerusalem, who persecuted every prophet ….

Until when, Lord?

until they learn how to cry out:

“blessings on him who comes
in the name of the Lord!” 9

and as for you, Vassula, I tell you: I find My delight in you when you observe and do not forget My Words that formed you and through you others; keep your eyes open to contemplate My inestimable treasures and My marvels of My Words; I have said, My Vassula, that contemplating the light of My Glory is above all theology; why, is there anything greater in the world than penetrating into your God and enjoying yourselves in His Presence? what is greater in the world than seeing Me, the Godhead? the One who is robed in Majesty and in Power is speaking to you; I transcend and reign in the heights of Glory, so that is where your eyes should be lifted permanently and you will be saved;

this is what you should keep teaching this generation; go and recite My deeds so that this generation opens its heart to Me and that I, in My turn, open the gates of virtue on it; cry out to the shepherds guarding the Church and ask them: “has anybody out there tasted the sweetness and goodness of our Lord? is there anybody in there who excels in knowledge of God?”

if you say ‘yes’, to the first question and ‘no’ to My second question, then, why are you persecuting Me? I entreated and you condemned; I visited you, shining My benevolence on you, but arrogance and hostility were your offerings to Me; I knocked at your door, but you did not open to Me and made sure your windows were barred as well; you made no room for your Lord; am I now to praise your discourse and your flow of words given to Me in My Assemblies? since all these words are empty with emptiness; what purpose do you serve? humble yourselves before you fall ill; let My Words be your educator, your counsellor and your delight; and you shall live ….

2 Apparently God means me …

3 God made me understand that He means the shepherds who behave like ‘Cain’ and do not pasture the sheep confided to them. They are those who are like wolves dressed in sheepskin; some of them have high positions, and persecute the ‘Abels’, the good and faithful shepherds and all His Good Works.

4 Symbolic name for Church.

5 The Keepers, which means the priests.

7 Symbolic for God’s Word.

8 Pr. 29:18. “Vision” is probably a prophetic gift; “the Precept” may be the prophet’s teaching or else the Law ….