August 5, 2000

I, Jesus Christ, bless you;

Lord, You who pulled me from the mud of the mire,
showing compassion,
and who stooped from Your Royal Throne to me,
put a fresh song in my mouth;
I will proclaim and sing Your Word to all races and nations;

do you want Me to sweeten My Banquet? the Banquet that I have been giving you through all these years? shall I grant, My beloved, more of My Sweetness to invigorate your love and relieve and heal you? healing itself comes from Wisdom ….

Ah yes!
Lord, take pity on this ungrateful generation;
let them acknowledge You in their life;
let those1 who heard and read Your message
be freed from their lethargic spirit
for they read without understanding;
You have proved Yourself Merciful and Patient to them;
let them acknowledge You
as the Godhead who binds them in His Love;

Is it too much to ask the Holy One
who perfumes all the universe with His Love,
to send new portents that contain Your Sweetness?

Rouse them with fresh wonders
that are as sweet as honey;
let the forked tongue
who persists his persecution on me
but through me on You,
be healed;

take pity on those
who call on Your Name day and night
yet live without charity ….

I satisfied you and others through My Divine Message with one of My greatest and noblest Banquets; a prodigious prodigy I prepared for your evil times, and I have granted you all to come and taste it; to taste My Banquet is to taste Me, your God and your Creator, so that you understand Me;

Ah! my Lord!
Your Words are mystical and hidden
and many who read You in Scriptures and in these messages
do not penetrate into their Knowledge,
for Knowledge of God they are;
they are illuminating our soul and intellect
and giving light within us,
yet, I know that there are those who read
without penetrating in the wisdom of Your Words
and they appear as though sealed to them;
and yet, Your Words are True Contemplation, Wisdom and Truth ….

whosoever listens to Me and not to his voice will penetrate into My Wisdom and My Words will flash in their soul like a mirror facing the sun; whosoever after having read My Words will decline and honour Me with generosity and love, the scales covering his eyes will fall and will see Me in My inaccessible glory; yes, for his eyes will see with full clarity what was invisible to him and inaccessible and kept only for the holy ones;

perhaps My language sounds incomprehensible to you, generation, but have I not once said that on the day your scales covering your eyes will fall, on that day you will know that I am in the Father, and you in Me and I in you; have I not said that he who has My commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves Me; and that anybody who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and show Myself to him; yes! and you will see Me in My glory;

My fullness is lavishly poured out upon all of you and through My grace you become sons and daughters, heirs and heiresses of My Father as I am; you become with Me as Scripture says, 2 “a royal priesthood, a consecrated nation, to sing to God praises, who called you out of the darkness into His light;”

I, the Bridegroom of the universe in all My Majesty, will come to him who would have declined wholly and My Spirit of Love will envelop him to draw him in the Bosom of the most Holy Trinity; then, such a soul having received such an intensity of light will obtain all the hidden mysteries and Riches of Heaven and will begin while still here on earth, to live as he would be living in heaven, for he will have stepped in the Beatific Vision; in other words, that soul will have a foretaste of what the Beatific Vision is like and will complete this Vision to its fullness the moment he will enter heaven ….

have you heard the saying: 3 “all flesh is grass and its beauty like the wild flower’s; the grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of our Lord remains forever;” and this is why your life is derived from My Word, revitalising you; flesh is flesh and flesh is frail, but My Word is everlasting and Life;

to maintain your soul alive I will ceaselessly be giving Myself to you more and more, manifesting Myself to you in power and grace while I will be expressing My Heart to you and showing you things that no eye has seen and no ear has heard, things beyond the knowledge of man, for what is knowledgeable to men is not the Knowledge one acquires through My Holy Wisdom and that flows out from My Divinity;

now that you have tasted the goodness of your Lord, Vassula, what have you to say?

Your goodness My Lord acquitted me; without a single merit, You have acquitted me;

I have done it so that you would have faith and hope in Me, your God; and what else have I done to you?

You have asked me to offer You my will; then ….

4 then I poured My Love in you, to obtain love from you; it is on account of this I am speaking and repeating Myself to all of you;

you can obtain the entire Godhead within you, dearest ones, Who will teach you sacred mysteries, sublime and Holy Knowledge that comes from Wisdom, and as a tree, Knowledge will be the tree growing in you with Wisdom as its root; and from this tree the virtues will sprout;

you say, daughter, that many who read My Words do not penetrate their meaning because they find them mystical and sealed; now I have explained what you have to do to understand My Words; and in declining I will be the All of your soul, your life, your well-being, your inspiration, your goodwill, your hope, your love, your faith, your joy and your Bridegroom upon whom you could lean, and your resurrection;

My loved one then will be selected as one amongst others of My collaborators who will be ruling with Me; then you could say, “I am living a true life in God, because I am participating fully in the life of the Most Holy Trinity”; yes, indeed; and although I fill all things without being contained by their limits, I can still dwell well inside a limited soul and become knowable to men without losing My transcendence;

look at yourself, My Vassula, and tell Me: what is the sign of one’s transformation?

I believe there are many signs.

you are right to say that there are many, but what is the most sublime sign of all?

From what Saint Paul says, it must be divine love in the being, which is infused by a constant inflow of Your own Love in that being, transforming thus that soul to progress into spiritual depths, leading it to grow in its love and become deified, god by participation; Your Love divinises and Love transforms our so evil image into Your Divine Image ….

yes! Scriptures say: “fix your gaze on Yahweh and your face will grow bright”, which means, “you will be transformed into Yahweh’s likeness”; having given one’s self5 to God, this most visible sign of transformation takes place; from thereon other signs follow; the sign of joy, of peace, of growing charity and that is how, through charity a soul can obtain the Knowledge of the Triune God; the soul being transformed will be like a lamp shining from within and without with divine love and the Knowledge of knowing and understanding God;

happy and freed from the world and its darkness, that soul will fly to Me, and remain in My Bosom; 6 aflame with love, inebriated by My Sweetness, this soul will fervently seek how to penetrate even deeper into the Most Holy Trinity; and I, the most delicate Bridegroom, will keep drawing that soul closer to the Flames of Love of My Heart and immerse her in Us to repose in Us and be able to rule with Us;

how then can any soul refuse what I am offering? I had once said that everyone in Judgment Day will be judged according to the measure of the love they have had while on earth; what have you to say?

I would say:

“what quantities of good things
You have in store for those who fear You,
and bestow on those who make You their refuge,
for all humanity to see ….”
Ps. 31:19

and I will say to those who are still attached to the world, that if you decide for Me, sincerely, and intend to make peace with Me, when you call to Me and come and pray to Me, I shall listen to you; when you search for Me, you will find Me; I shall indeed let you find Me, and I will converse with you and you with Me for I have loved you with an everlasting Love, and so I still maintain My faithful Love for you;

so come, come and tear away the veil that separates you from Me; come and contemplate the Holy One who will give you eternal life;

1 Some people.
4 The Lord took over the sentence I had started…
5 Will.
6 Expression showing the intimacy.