June 6, 2000

Scripture tells us not to have fear
in approaching the throne of grace
to receive mercy and to find grace
when we are in need of help; 1

Now, from Heaven, You are showing,
and I would say, parading,
Your mercy on us,
to transform our actual state into a better state
that will lead us into the way of salvation;

the throne of grace decided,
the throne of grace, disturbed by accumulated sins,
stepped out and pronounced an order,

“We have said,
‘blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God’,
today, this generation, who feigns not to understand Us,
will never ever see Us and in their state,
will never reach their resting place;
how, in their actual state of sin,
will We ever make Our abode in them and they in Us?
O devastated generation!

“From Us alone will come salvation,
Our Infinite Mercy compels Us to pour on this generation
increased and unmerited graces;
Our Mercy will save many of Our children
who unceasingly resist Our Love;

“From the throne of grace they shall receive mercy
to attain the perfection that is required to enter Heaven;

“Through Our mercy We will raise souls,
but woe to those hearts that are so evil
that they should want to diminish or disbelieve or calumniate Our mercy;
it is with Justice that they will be punished
for blaspheming on Our mercy!”

How is it that an endless and vile battle
is being performed against Your Mercy
by so many of Your House?
How is it that, knowing Scriptures,
they are not aware of the interior inspirations of Your Spirit?

How is it that they cannot recognise
the Three who bear witness in Heaven? 2

You, my God, in Your Supreme Love and Mercy,
decided to choose an incapable and weak creature,
appointing her to act, according to Your orders,
commanding her to prophesy,
and that is to pass on Your Word;

She was taught to offer prayers, entreaties, and sacrifice,
to win a hearing from You;
she was taught to offer her will;

I made, my Lord, every effort to present myself before You
as a proven worker who has no need to be ashamed,
but who keeps the message of truth on a straight path;

I was called by You and I responded;
I was called by You, and I acknowledged You;
I was called by You and I repented of my sins;
I was called by You and they accused me;

They accused me and still accuse me
because I answered You;

You have anointed me to witness,
but they raise their voice to drown Your Voice;

My daughter, you have done loyal work through My Spirit, by helping My Church; you have been and still are at the service of My people; you have responded to My Call;

look, Vassula, My Mercy is offered to all who appeal to the Bridegroom; My Justice today permits My Mercy to approach the dead, 3 whose stench has reached My nostrils, to resurrect them; this is done by Divine Mercy; but the saving Justice of Mercy says this to all:

do not allow your heart to dictate to you and tell you: “how is it possible that God speaks as much as that to this woman?” that is to bring down My Call of Mercy; in other words, it is to bring Me down; these people’s behaviour is modelled on the way of thinking of this contemporary world; have you not read: “who has ever known the mind of the Lord? who has ever been His adviser? who has given anything to Him, so that His presents come only as a debt returned?” have you not understood how rich and fathomless are My Wisdom and My Knowledge? how can a mere creature dare raise his voice and declare that he has reached to the root of My decisions or My Ways, without condemning himself? therefore, My daughter, everything there is, comes from Me and is caused by Me and exists for Me;

yes, Vassula, I have called you and you answered Me, so that you speak for Me; I have called you to parade, as you said, My Mercy so that through this Divine Call many sinners would feel compunction and will be induced to make peace with Me and repent; then when they see the way I am treating you, and how many graces I have been pouring on you, others too may be attracted by My Tenderness and decide to change their lives and commence to live a true life in Me, knowing that once they decide for Me, they too will taste My sweetness; their devotions will increase and those who lived without any devotions, will learn as well to pray without ceasing ….

today your Creator is telling you that in your silence I take My rest; in your amorous sighs for Me, your Lord and God, I receive garlands of perfumed glory; in your zeal for My House, I receive praise and My Body is soothed from My tormentors with the balm of your love; like a golden stream, beautiful to look at, I want to transform you for My Eyes, My beloved; I am your Creator and your Salvation;

no, I have stepped in you without any merit from you but I, when I saw you, I loved you; I decided not to deprive you of My graces but neither of My Cross; to lead you into the centre of My Heart I had to diminish you, but I had neither lifted rod nor voice; I brought you to Me by My loving condescension;

hardly were you reborn when My Spirit brought you to cry out: “Abba!” overwhelmed with joy, My Spirit, together with Me and the Father, blessed you thrice and immediately upon this, assembled the Courts of Heaven and said to them:

“We shall win great honour from Weakness; the Victory will be Ours in the end, but, 4 when news will reach those who harm the Church, they will wickedly advance against Our child; hordes of hard heartened people will demonstrate their evil hearts with savagery, but she will cleave on to Us and will be an evident sign to all of them that the Triune God is with her; and although at one time she would appear to them as the loser, in a short time they will realise that all their scheming was brought to naught;

“We will endow her spirit, for Our Salvific Plan, with courage and when she will speak for Us, she will speak with authority because she will be following Our Royal Command;

“the officials in the beginning will take no notice of her and Our sayings; they will ignore Our Royal edicts, while Our Authority through her will be spreading out over every nation; and while Our Household will start renewing itself and being reborn through the Holy Spirit, the governor of the beast, the one who dares condemn Us, the one who treats noble hearts like criminals, will advance in massive strength against Our child and Our Noble Theme; but in reality his aim will be on Us, realising that Our Theme of Love endangers him5 and his followers, since We would be revealing them and their long time plan against the Church, revealing to all the nations that they would force them and chain them to be fed, one day with naturalism and the other day with rationalism, forcing their law on them, wanting to subdue My Voice;

“and as Scriptures say, so it will be done; Scriptures say: 6 ‘they will scatter the flesh of your devout and shed their blood all around Jerusalem, and no one to dig a grave!’ because ‘the beast7 that comes out of the Abyss’, as Scripture says again, ‘is going to make war on them and overcome them and kill them; 8 their corpses will lie in the main street of the Great City known by the symbolic names Sodom and Egypt, in which their Lord was crucified;’ 9

“a well known populous city of Christ, known as the eternal city, will never cease rejecting Our Calls, like Sodom’s rejections, yet they will be claiming their openness and their openness to Our Spirit; but it will be the contrary, they will be crucifying all My given Words, nailing them to the wood; at this, many priests will stand in tears before the altar, and while sobbing they will say:

“‘Lord, do not let ruin come upon Your House; You have seen the vindictiveness of those10 who have sworn to go against all Your Holy Rules and play the sages instead for, as they say, the well-being of humanity; these very jackals mock your Divinity, and they shoot venomous arrows on our faith; to fortify Your people and to fortify and warn your priests, You descended in Your glorious strength among us, appointing the winds as messengers and flames of fire as Your servants to bring glory to You; You chose them to bear Your Holy Name and parade It to bring honour to You by fortifying Your Household and reassemble Your flock, and to help Your House be called once more: One House of prayer; we give You thanks for Your Merciful Love and for having found a way of arousing us all from apathy;

“‘but now, look how, when corpses litter Your city11 and while the beast with its followers are trampling over them, rejoicing and celebrating over their death, look how they rejoice every time a negative judgment is pronounced by Your officials against Your chosen ones; so how much more will the Blood of Christ, who offered Himself, blameless as He was, to God through the Eternal Spirit, purify our conscience from dead actions so that we can worship the Living God? how much more do Your officials need to understand that by rejecting Your interventions ever so merciful they are becoming collaborators, without them knowing it, with the governor of the beast and his followers?

“‘Lord, most Merciful, You have found a means of warning all of us of the one who flaunts the claim that he is God; but now, look how they have stormed up against You to stop the mouths of those who praise You; our Lord and Heavenly King, come to our help! reveal Yourself with power in these times of great distress;’

“a terrible oppression then will be put as a decree, although not a word will be in written form in the beginning; the holy ones and Our chosen souls will be constantly trampled underfoot and crushed, since through Our mouthpieces We reveal the schemes of the evil powers to warn Our people; We would be warning them from the beginning of Our Merciful Call that these evil powers who challenge Us, will be planning to alter the seasons and the Law;

“then a time will come when Our Household will have no say over these powers of Satan and the dark forces, and still, they would not be understanding, even when they will be witnessing the sword raised against the Cross; the governor of the evil powers will be confiscating It from public places, and together with the beast and all his followers they will pursue their plan to dechristianise Our people, and still, Our officials will remain blind and will continue to ignore Our Merciful interventions, becoming associates with those who waged war on the Cross, without them knowing it;

“then when they will realise that they had sinned, and that their constant debate of how it would be best to regulate and silence Our prophets was helping the enemy, they will confess: ‘Lord, we have sinned and done wrong, for we have betrayed Your teaching; we have not listened to Your messengers and only took them lightly; they spoke in Your Name to all people of the countries; saving Justice is Yours; but we have not listened …’ this is what We will hear;

“you see, no matter how much Our child would be investigated and proven to be true, carrying all the signs that are needed and the blessings that come from above, the conspirators, with insolence, will pursue their evil designs;

“over each nation they will have a governor and will be taking pleasure in their evil doings; but by her side, We will put a prince from Our Heavenly Courts, one of the highest ranked to be her guardian to help her detect the lying words and the perverted hearts; friends, rebels and sinners together will be called and revealed and Our golden stream will pour in their circles; and We, in their centre, will call each one of them by their name;

“‘here is your Lord, your True Bridegroom coming with power; why, have you not heard that My Arm subdues all created things to Myself? should I deprive you now of My embraces on account of how you massacred My Body? or should I deprive you of My Merciful Love or My Goodness and not rouse you from your apathy? O no! My Love compels Me to save you as well and I will not deprive you of My embraces, nor would I deprive you of My sweetness, for had I, you would die;’

“Our eternal and Holy Wisdom that is sweeter than honey will court their hearts so that their hearts may flow with the sweetness of Wisdom and declare:

‘there is one God, one faith
and one Church!’

this will be in Our Ears like a melodious hymn; this will be Our Triumph;”

this was what We said when We assembled the Royal Courts of Heaven;

be pleased to centre your thoughts on Me and on My Divine interventions, and you who say: “we do not need to see wonders”, I tell you: “put your hand over your mouth and do not look at My Merciful intervention as an aggression, grant My people the grace to be saved through the wonders I am doing in your dark era; so do what is right and that is to walk humbly with Me, your God;”

My Vassula, learn that everything is under My Sceptre; come and contemplate My Saving Justice;

How is it that they have not believed or understood Your Language? 12

They have not understood the Bridegroom’s language because I spoke in the terms of My Spirit and not in the terms learnt from human philosophy;

so My beloved one, have the mind I have and praise Me, rejoicing and do not listen to those who have not responded to My Hymn of Love; believe in Scriptures which say: “how beautiful are the feet of the messenger of good news …” 13 Scriptures never lie; be grafted in Me ….

2 The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

3 Spiritual dead.

4 As soon as this ‘but’ was pronounced, it seemed that all the Angels and Saints understood before hearing the rest, because of how it was pronounced, they knew that sad news would follow; immediately their expression of their faces were grave and solemn.

5 He and his followers are those evil dark forces of our times who own the world and who combat Christ’s Divinity and God the Father; they combat the Cross as well.

7 The evil forces.

8 Kill the mouthpieces who are sent by Christ and the Virgin Mary, in a symbolic way, by denying the fact that Mary and Jesus speak as two witnesses.

10 The evil forces.

11 From the Apostasy.