June 30, 1999

I have been teaching you these days with delight, how all My sons and daughters can become gods by participation if they allowed Me to flow in them My Divine Love; I want to extend My Reign in them and take possession of them, as I want them to take possession of Me;

if they would not contradict My Holy Spirit, He will take possession of them, and turn them into a blossoming garden; He will fill them with virtues and perform marvels within them to build up in them the fullness of Christ; if they allow Me to flow Myself in them I will turn them into adoptive sons and daughters of Mine;

My Grace I reveal to you and salvation has been given to you through My Son, Jesus Christ; in order to set you free, He sacrificed Himself for you; in order for you to share a Divine Life, He constituted the Holy Eucharist to sanctify you and partake of His Body and Blood; you are not partaking any mere bread or wine, but you are partaking God Himself; if you would only reflect on this Mystery and understand it fully!

the Inaccessible God is Accessible to you, the Invisible God is visible to you, and ready to divinise you; He whose grandeur surpasses all angelic forces and all beings and all that has been created, is at your disposal, creation! God Himself is being offered to you to give you back your divinity, divinising your soul to enter Eternal Life;

if you allow Me to flow in you, I will make you understand all those things which are invisible to you, in order to bring your soul into a full repentance; this repentance will transform your so miserable sullied state into a pure, dignified transformation of body and soul, ready then to partake the One you think Unattainable and Inaccessible;

He who glories at My right Hand, He whom you call, daughter, ‘my Liturgy!’ gives Himself to you, to eat His Flesh and drink His Blood in order that you become the flesh of His Flesh, the bone of His Bone;

I will execute at any time and to anyone who wishes, My act of Love, if they cry out to Me:

“come, and make me Your property
and your adoptive child!”

and before anyone makes a move in Heaven, My Cry will be heard by everyone:


then you too, My child, will sprout from My springs and become god by participation;

I will not be like a ship that cuts through heaving waves and leaves no trace to show where it passed; no, I will let everyone hear you and know that the Triune God now lives in you and is hidden in you; Our vivifying passage within you will not go by unnoticed for you will praise Me saying:

“I have learned how to possess God, from my Father; God is my Father, it is He who fathered me and made Himself known to me without losing His transcendence; He, whose Magnificence is magnified in all His creation, has filled me with His Knowledge; the Triune God who encompasses all beings, filling all things with His Brightness without being contained by their limits, offered Himself to me, ordering all things within me to be good, and now my soul is content and satisfied for being filled, in spite of my wretchedness, with God;”

yes, be happy! be happy all you who hear the melody of My Voice and have your fill in Me;

Ah, my Lord,
Your Baptismal Kiss,
ended my rebellion;

my Lord is displaying His Greatness
as He did from earliest times;

His Treasuries are open,
and His Treasures fly out of Heaven like birds,
while displaying His Portents in Heaven;

across the sky these Treasures form a glorious sight;

We only have to ask for them
and our Father by His Own Hand
will draw them from Heaven
and place them in our heart,
so that from thereon we would be able
to express thoughts worthy of His Gifts.

and I will set Knowledge in you to know Me as Thrice Holy;