June 21, 1999

1 My daughter, in order to elucidate certain sayings of Mine and to progress your soul into the depths of Wisdom and of the knowledge of Myself, I appear to be repeating Myself sometimes, but this is one way of edifying your soul, progressing it gently into sanctity;

I am pouring in you, since you have given Me, your God, the required space (in you), quantities of My Graces for the benefit of the Church; nothing of what I have written will go in vain; in fact the Church will fulfil its needs; I have raised you with royal prodigality, no, I have not raised you because I have found you worthy but I have called you by the free gift of My Grace and it is in My Justice that I grant these Graces; no one is innocent enough and worthy to receive from Me such royal prodigalities;

never tire studying the pages of all the notebooks I filled, for they are brimming with knowledge and with the sweetness of My Heart, unveiling My Beauty by enhancing it in your soul … I shone inside you, I shone a brilliant light within you to wake you up so that you leave behind2 you all the world’s trivialities; I performed prodigies in you to sing poetry to Me; to extend My Kingdom in you I poured Myself in you, lifting your soul into a spiritual jubilation, so that I hear from My chosen one My Own Canticle of Love; and thus, all that you received of Divine value returns to Me, the Author of Prodigies;

ah, Vassula, when I raise souls by Grace in that mysterious way and they see what eye has never seen and hear what ear has never heard and learn things beyond the mind of man, I am glorified in My Glory; and as I advance in your nothingness taking delight at every step I take, I approach My aim of bringing your soul to My demand, and that is: equality of My Love;

no one can ever reach on earth that height of My Love; you will say: “then why does My God who transcends greatness and fullness, demand something of me that I cannot fulfil?” I only demand what belongs to Me already;3

I have sent you My Holy Spirit to dwell in you and make Our Love known to you, transfiguring your soul to desire Us, to be able to declare with delight: “I possess God, and He possesses me!” My Vassula, one has to receive this inestimable grace, to pronounce these words, words spoken so sweetly, motivated by the Spirit of Love, whom you allowed to dwell in you;

have you not heard, that the Word of God is something alive and active: it cuts like any double-edged sword but more finely: it can slip through the place where the soul is divided from the spirit; 4 so, daughter, love Me as much as I love you and as perfectly as you can with the love that My Holy Spirit has so graciously infused in you, you will only be giving Me back what belongs to Me already;

in the beginning5 I had asked you to love Me, and you answered: “I love you …” and in My smiles, I said: “love Me more …”; now My Holy Spirit progressed you to get to know Me and love Me bringing you to Me, as a bride is brought to her bridegroom and perform an everlasting union; in that same manner, but in a more ineffable way, the Holy Spirit brought you to an everlasting union of love with Us and in Us the Triune God;

You are the Great Godhead,
the Almighty, the awe-inspiring God,
You are the incomprehensible Splendour,
surpassing all the splendours of Your Angels put together;
You, who fill all things without being contained
neither by their limits nor by their very being;

My hand trembles in front of Your Divine Majesty while I am writing;
how to this day, Lord, could I conceive in my little mind still
that the Prodigious Prodigy of prodigies Himself
is in familiar communication with me daily
and converses with me in this delightful manner?
How do you want me to fully understand in my wretchedness,
O Lord, that You, the Unseen God,
the One who encompasses all beings,
is speaking to me with such sweetness and tenderness?
what mind is able to grasp this prodigy?

You have blessed me with the unction of Your Name
to save me and others through Your Hymn of Love;

You have blessed me by a triple Resurrection Kiss
and made me a close partner of Your Salvific Plan;
Can anyone come to me and say:
“I can measure the magnificence of God
and His inexpressible grandeur”;
No one can say this,
because my Lord and my God is a fathomless Well
of hidden and unknown Treasures.

indeed I Am …. We6 have been calling you to rest in Our Arms, like a child in his mother’s arms, you are called as a child by grace, to share in Our Salvific Plan, you are all called to become gods by participation and enter in the Triune life to rule with Us; indeed I am Sovereign of your soul, oh, but such an intimate Friend as well, who can draw you into deification;

in spite of your awesome wretchedness, at this moment while I am with you in this way, and you, while you are with Me in this way, enveloped in a holy contemplation, not even the most solemn festivals given in My honour are as delightful and pleasing to Me as in these moments of your contemplation; when My Divine Presence is with you, I rejoice in the presence of the one whom I have made to become the bone of My Bone, the flesh of My Flesh; I, by My Own Hand, raised a sanctuary, would I then not enjoy My Own good Work?

Kindest Lover of mankind,
You are once more sounding like music to my ears;

God of unfailing Fidelity,
You who are moved by creatures like me
who have a crust of rust all over,
You do not hesitate to cry out loudly in the heaven
before anyone makes a move:

she is acquitted!

how is it possible then
not to melt in love in Your Presence?
and go out, running with both hands raised up,
shouting at every cross-road:

“My Creator is my Liturgy!”

You have displayed Your Mercy from the earliest times;
You are my Maker,
superbly Beautiful and Gracious;

Your Mercy, my Lord, is ever so great
that the most intelligent elite in the Church
will still sound like a fool if he tries to explain it;

come, beloved, enter into the joy of your Lord;

you have heard the Messages of your salvation (given to you) bestowing upon you at the same time a variety of gifts of My Grace; in the Power of the Holy Spirit exercise all that I have given you and do not get discouraged for I am with you;

I am reminding you, little grain, that you are fighting in the same battle as all My Prophets fought; gales can blow on you, floods can rise to drown you, but nothing of these will overcome you, for I am with you and in My good care to withstand your frailty;

lean on Me; and do not despair on the situation of the Church; ecclesia will revive!

I am before you;

1 The Father speaks.

2 I understood also, “empty yourself from”.

3 In other words, after having given our will to God, He fills us with the Holy Spirit of Love to love. This love, no matter to what degree it is, belongs to God, for He gave it.

5 The first communications, back in 1985.

6 The Holy Trinity.