July 30, 1999

1 have My peace and be patient, come and say:

“Father, all Merciful,
I am slow of understanding
your Divine Will;”

say it; 2

this is what I want from you: be calm, my bride, and do not overload yourself with work; a rose has sprung in you, fresh and blooming, and while you are seated in silent meditation, contemplating Us, uniting yourself to Us, the scent of your rose fragrances Us, sending Us a most delicate scent, while We watch over you, sending Our rays in you, keeping it fresh and blooming; were you to stop contemplating Us, the loveliness of your rose will fade away….

so, your Divine Bridegroom tells you: do not substitute your contemplation of Me with other things that withdraw you from My embrace; do not allow those who contest everything you say, My beloved, to dictate to you their whims, for I had sent you one of the noblest angels from My angelic choirs to lead you to Me; this heavenly prince withdrew you from the world, to enter, with Him, My heavenly Courts;

a human heart is too small to understand all of what I have been doing to you, especially in your so evil times where so many learned men play the sages;

I have, as I have told you, sent to you, to accompany you in your mission, a prince of heaven followed with other angelic forces, as I usually do for My chosen ones; having entered into My heavenly Courts, I courted you with poetry and religion, to turn you into My harp; I have made you experience what My Gaze could give you as delights, sending It to you as a gold gleam in your eyes, filling them with My Light;

in My superabundant zeal to teach you with Wisdom, I overlooked your frailty; just as any pupil starts his school by learning the alphabet, I taught you My alphabet which is to give your whole mind to My Word;

I allowed your eyes to see My glorious Majesty; I have entrusted you with something beyond all knowledge;

be vigilant because your enemy would like to see you out of your devotion to Me and control you by overloading you with work, as a vessel when overloaded will sink; you, who are My vessel carrying My Divine Treasure, do not overload yourself lest you sink; I want to see you happy and more in contemplation of Me; your witnessing is not over; I will now let you plunge once more into My Divine Springs, granting your soul rest; 3

ah, how could I forget the moment I approached you …. with the greatest care so as not to frighten you away I stepped by your side; and with the greatest delicacy I revealed My Love to you which until then was quite unknown to you; you had never known before of My Infinite Mercy nor the Abyss of My Love;

rejoice then, daughter, and unload your worries on Me, and let this be as a lesson to others as well, who carry more than they can carry; I do not want you to weary yourself, in order to be more productive and effectual for My Work; I said that you must not delay My Work and that you were to follow My pace alone;

all of these messages come from on high and are inspired by Me; they can profitably be used for teaching, and for refuting error; they can be used for guiding the Church into Unity and for guiding people’s lives and teaching them to be holy; they are given to you for a better explanation4 to the Revelation5 given to you; they are an inexhaustible source of amazing grace for you all to renew you;

I am the Giver of Life, the Renewer of all things; I am the Source of heavenly Manna; yes, indeed! I have approached you as you were, to make an amazing and prodigious union with you; unworthy you were, and far from My demand of ‘equality of love’, but delightful in your nothingness and your openness to My Voice;

let Me share with you; from the day you died to yourself, as a sign of My intimate friendship, I espoused you to Me, so that I have you near Me to whisper in your ear sound counsels that you may, in your turn, counsel others; I lavished you with My tenderness and My fatherly affection; with a flow of Divine Sweetness I asked you to travel with Me and for Me, from North to South and from East to West; and as I have said to you before, for your protection I have given you a multitude of angels and archangels, princes of the highest orders to accompany you in your mission; giving them orders to remain at those regions where My seeds were sown and protect what was sown;

I did not raise you in My kingly Courts, bestowing royal gifts on you for no reason; now I am taking profit from your labours and I am obtaining the delightful fruits of your labours; giving graces to My chosen ones are for various reasons: they are meant for the benefit of My people, the benefit of My Church, but at the same time for the eternal joy these chosen souls would obtain from Me in heaven;

as for those who contest each one of My Words and refuse to open their heart and see the great profit My Church obtained, refusing to see My Blessing and My Affection, they shall be judged as unworthy, since they have and are still to this day, underestimating My Power and My Mercy;

I had, Vassula, warned you never to get weary of doing good and to learn to be patient, because you would harvest in the end and at the proper time what you had sown:

– let your work be meritorious and that nothing goes in vain;
– let My consolations give you courage and light in your soul;

– let My fatherly affection be your constant delight in you and an intimate breeze in your soul;

– let My Divine caresses be your healing balm when your soul is wounded or weary, invigorating you and effacing in you every sort of bitterness that may arise in you;

– let every spiritual exercise you do magnify in Me that you may obtain from Me boundless graces;

– let Me always be your only love and above all;

– let your mouth contain the Oil6 given to you so that you sweetly proclaim My Greatness;

– may you appear before Me one day, perfect and honourable in My Courts ….

beloved, My Name, Yahweh, when pronounced by you, delights Me to such an extent that it makes Me incline towards you with great affection and My joy cannot be contained; the whole Court of heaven attracted by My Joy, wholeheartedly and with one voice, praise My inebriated Love I have for you and for My fatherly affection; they praise Me for My Infinite Mercy I have for My creation; and now let Me hear from you three “Kyrie eleisson” …

Kyrie eleisson,
Kyrie eleisson,
Kyrie eleisson

My Mercy I give to you and My Blessings as well; remember, do not allow yourself to be overworked; I, God, will continue to hold you in My Power and My Grace;

Yahweh is My Name;

1 Yahweh, the Father speaks.
2 I said it.
3 I believe too that God wants me in privacy with Him as His speech is rather personal.
4 I heard at the same time ‘understanding’.
5 The Holy Bible.
6 ‘Oil’ here means ‘Name’, the Name of God.