March 3, 1999


I Am; …naha lishbu firü nabish khaleh shbekh nirü malekh bissä; mbarakh abshan khedir lah coghar; 1

I am your Saviour, your All, your Heaven; blessed is he who receives Me; have my Peace; I, Jesus, bless you;

it is marvellous to see you depend entirely on My Power! I would hate to see you become habitual and not depend on grace; see? My Divine Presence, how distinct it is when I am in communication with you?

Vassula, hear and write: “your salvation lies in conversion and tranquillity;” this was one of My Themes that I was addressing to all of you in these past years; but in return for what the Bridegroom2 was offering, He still receives hostility and disdain;

He calls out and says: “My Return is imminent, be prepared to receive Me in grace while Grace is still at your very doors!” but in your lethargy, generation, your darkness continues to increase in you, growing ever more arrogant; My Light is shining so bright, yet in your obscurity, generation, no one sees it; here I come to illuminate your dreadful night but to this day My Holy Spirit is not honoured;

you fill yourselves, generation, with all that is not holy and is an abomination in My Eyes, you hear of emissaries sent from Me, and you show your gratitude by raising your hands calling out your praises to Me for sending them as ‘ambassadors of the Most High’ to be among you; but instead of pondering over My Words, your endurance is affected by your inclinations towards sensationalism; these people are like Scriptures say of them: “they are like a drowsy man, besotted with sleep whom you are trying to rouse up, having explained to him certain things, when you have finished he will say, ‘what is it all about?’ his heart, like a broken jar will not hold any of My given knowledge, then, like a fool he is led astray;”

this is why Satan has raised so many false prophets, who ape3 My Teachings and My Divine Actions; so many of you are reading what does not come from Me but are of human origin and a false creation by the evil one; but I will call all hidden deeds, good or bad, to judgement; I called out from the very beginning: “come all of you who wander in this desert and discover Me, your Triune God;”

see, there is no closed door from My side, but My Calls are not heeded nor are they honoured; My frequent visits to you, together with My chosen one, bringing all the way to your feet My Salvific Love Hymn to renew you and restore My tottering House, have been left uncultivated;

to some of you, I said: “I will now strip you of My visits since you seem to be indifferent to My request of multiplying the fruits of her labours in your hands by evangelising;” and so I have; moreover, this departure and abstinence is necessary for your growth; this is the hour, or never, to take up the sickle and reap vigorously; reap a harvest you never prepared yourself and have My blessings;

Vassula, My adoptive child, learn that We4 are constantly by your side, transforming you through loving union; I have immersed you in My limpid springs, 5 that flow from My Mouth to teach you Wisdom, penetrating you in Us for a deeper understanding of Our Triune Deity; therefore, who could have given you such tranquillity, such freedom of the spirit, who could have covered you with sapphires? 6 and now who is giving you rest in His Arms withdrawing you from creatures?

from the beginning I have sent you, with royal prodigality, still dripping from My limpid springs, to be among the wretched and the poor; you have germinated in My springs, and as Moses, whom I had enveloped by a cloud, I have you enveloped in My Arms in a holy contemplation, during which your soul and mind are lifted in the Divine; 7

in My benevolence and the ineffable condescension of My Love I have given you now and then glimpses of the Beatific Vision; to keep you happy I have appeared on you, sometimes like a transparent veil, and at other times I englobed you entirely, to show that you come from My limpid springs;

to encourage you I have given signs in your assemblies and wonders to accompany you and the mission I have given you; this generation has been witnessing dazzling wonders;

ah! 8 if only some would value more the treasures We have been pouring on them …

I9 am the vivifying substance of your soul and He who brought you into a filial love with Our Divinity to lead a divine life and become another child, by adoption, of the Father; I am the Sovereign Master of your soul but your Friend as well, giving you access to free speech, allowing you to express your opinion, your thoughts and your free will which I have restored to you;

so you see, My Vassula, what it is like to be a daughter by grace as the Word is Son by nature?

you have been called to participate in this Divine Salvific Plan but to enter as well in the Triune life; come and breathe in Me and fill your soul with Our Divine Love, this Divine Love that draws you into a perfect union with Us;

10 listen, My chosen one, I know how diligent you are when it comes to My Interests and My Glory; I know too how much sacrifice you offer to the world to convert and how devout and eager you are to console Me when you see Me stretching out My Hand imploring, beseeching My House to unite by reconciling and making peace, and I know too how you feel when you see Me tearful for the rejection I get;

but now, in My turn, I want once more to reassure you of the favours I granted you and of My affection I have for you; yes, I know too how My absences11 can leave you in pain even though they are not of long duration but are temporary,

Ah my Anointed One,
my mind still cannot conceive Your absences
without being anguished.

ah, but I have sworn an oath which I never will retract, this of ending your mission together, of never abandoning you;

victory is near, for the Power of My Love is far greater than the power of evil and all hell put together; so rejoice and allow Me to keep you in My service, keep your ears opened to the Voice of Holy Wisdom; it is My ardent wish to instruct you and then I can complete on you the Divine Work I had started;

cloistered in Me, in My Heart, I want you to be in a permanent state of contemplation in which your soul remains tranquil and inebriated with My sweetness; keep aspiring from My Heart My revelations and instructions, so that you forward them to this generation and for all others to come; the Holy Spirit will continue to favour you with His Sublime Light into your intellect and through this Light you will embellish My Church; remain small, truly small, allowing His power of action to be even more efficacious; profess the Creed with love and proceed in Our Light and never doubt of Our Wealth, of Our Mercy and of Our Tenderness shown to you;

My Father has opened your heart by a mere Glance of His, like a sharp ray of Light that incises, He opened your heart and filled it with Our luminous and Divine Light, revealing Our Image within you, turning your heart into Spring, renewing you with a flow of virtues, renewing Our Sanctuary and Our Domain so that you may be the just herald who would allow Us to engrave on you Our Love Hymn, enriched with boundless mystical knowledge and understanding;

come, My Divine Plan will be accomplished in you with Tenderness and not with sorrow; receive My blessings and do not fear; I have engaged you for this apostolate of Unity and by engaging you I honoured you to engage you to My Cross so that you may absorb all Its phases; embrace It with love and remember Its victory!

I, Jesus, who am near you, bless you; ic;

The Spirit of God speaks through me,
His Word is on my tongue,
He embedded me in His Heart like a precious stone on a crown,
He stooped from His Throne to lay on my path a bed of roses;
You have yielded Your Sceptre to a non-existent creature
never caring whether this merciful gesture of Yours
would cheapen Your Sceptre;

I have been taught learnings of the Sages in Your Bosom,
from a filthy rag You’ve turned me into Your herald,

Blessed is Your Name. Amen.

1 All of this was given to me in an unknown language.

2 Jesus calls Himself ‘The Bridegroom’ in this passage.

3 I understood that some are copying even these Messages.

4 The Holy Trinity.

5 The Word of God.

6 Sapphires represent here virtues.

7 In God.

8 This was a sigh from God.

9 Suddenly the Holy Spirit uttered these Words.

10 Jesus continued.

11 In the sense of not receiving a call.