February 5, 1999

What return can I make
to the Almighty’s Goodness He showed to me?
He has performed marvels in me;

I have built My Throne in you to outlast all time …. I am Your King who anointed you so that you enter into My Kingdom; I am the King of the safety of your soul;

My heart melts like wax and becomes liquid
in Your Divine Presence;
I rejoice in Your Splendour and Majesty;
You have demonstrated Your Power
by allowing Your Holy Presence
to flow through the desert of my soul like a river;
alleluia! and everything that was polluted in the aridity of my soul
was washed away in the greatness of Your Love;

yes, My beloved, I am known for My Mercy and for My tender Heart; have you not heard how I can turn deserts into rivers and arid grounds into springs of water? extol Me at the meetings and make this generation understand that Royal Dignity is Mine; what return can they make to Me for My Sovereignty?

My Royal Heart raises the poor in spirit, I lift the needy and the wretched to give them royal vestments allowing them to walk in My Courts; I bless them by imprinting My Holy Name all over them opening the gates of virtue to them so that their behaviour pleases My Royal Dignity; schooled by Me they will learn how to lead a blameless life;

I shall proclaim in all assemblies
the greatness of Your Name,
without fear I shall cry out that Mercy is with us,
stooping from the heavens to reach us;

and to those who hound me, lovingly intervene;
rescue me from human oppression;
support me as You have promised me
and let the foul and lying tongue be subdued;

have you noticed any limitations? go on, say it ….

Am I wrong if I say: on the “inner walls” of Your House, there, I find not much of a support …

no one will be able to strike you down not even the “inner walls”, as you have called them, of My House, so long as I am with you and by your side;

the “inner walls” would have closed over you, but the masons who toiled to build those “inner walls” have toiled in vain; your mere zeal for My House which devours you will topple them …

I have not asked you whether you had support on the “inner walls” of My House or not; I have asked you if you have noticed any limitations …

No; not in the whole; Your Message is expanding,
and I see Your Glory and Your Power;
great are Your achievements, my God;
You have let Your children see Your Glory;
You rule over everything … and You are expanding
Your Holy Message of True Life in God ….

so do not fear; whosoever bows you down, I will raise you up again; I have raised you up to be My pupil; it is I, your Bridegroom, so come, enter into the joy of your Lord!

listen carefully and write: to this day My Merciful Calls have not been given much attention, 1 neither have My warnings been regarded; My pupil, My Return is imminent, I have sent you out to proclaim My Words in this world, and to speak in My Holy Name but many still would not listen;

Satan’s hour is coming to an end for My triumph is near; this is why he holds so many captive, bound with apostasy; bound with falsehood;

generation! generation, your apostasies have been many but greater than this one I have not seen and today this evil generation refuses to listen to My Merciful calls and continues to follow the dictates of their own hardened hearts; shrugging their shoulders, they say, My daughter: “we prefer to do as we please …” and they settle for evil …. since they have abandoned the Fountain of Living Water they shall die in their apostasy;

My Father is more than offended; how much longer will the earth be divided and riven? how much longer will My Church be divided and in rebellion? 2 the Spirit of My Father is constantly blasphemed and ridiculed by many of My ministers; has this generation not yet heard an uproar from heaven? have you not yet heard from the highest heaven a lamentation from the saints?

ah, Vassula, to see these souls3 delight in their abomination, how would heaven not claim vengeance? and I would add with tears in My Eyes, that many of My Church’s dignitaries trust more on what is thought highly of by men, yet forget that by Me these things are loathsome in My Sight;

I ask you solemnly: do I not fill heaven and earth? will I not then pour out My Holy Spirit on all mankind and carry out My Promise?

and so I tell all those who follow the dictates of their hardened hearts: “since you do not see the earth being filled with the brightness of the glory of My Spirit, and you continue to call evil what is good and holy, by your own incredulity you will draw upon your heads your own sins;”

blessings on him who believes, may they enter into My Joy!

I would not like anyone to fall in the path of delusion and believe that My Father’s wrath has diminished; His Mercy is great but His severity is as great; and ah, generation, how can you escape damnation? what you have been sowing all these years you will reap ….

so, Vassula, your race is not over, extol My Name in My assemblies; 4 I have given you a spiritual gift to be able to turn the hearts of fathers towards their children and the hearts of children towards their fathers; many would profit from your gift, and from your labours; those who will listen will receive in their hearts sanctifying graces and by these graces much of the rust of their sins would be healed, because they would have been those who had welcomed My Holy Spirit of Grace;

these times are the times in which Scriptures5 speak of My Day and of a devouring fire, when the sky will break into flames, and woe for the unrepentant heart! how much more could I have warned you, generation? My divine visitation is imminent and the Fire of the Purification is nearing in which your souls would melt like wax, by its heat;

I have offered you, generation, and I am still offering you the condescension of My intimate and divine friendship, but you have not accepted it and many of you have not understood what the Bridegroom was offering you;

daughter, remember that I have you enveloped into My special care; have you not heard the testimonies of those6 I had given the grace to see My Countenance on you, invigorating them with My appearance? so do not underestimate My divine Power; I will continue to show Myself on you, adorning you with My Countenance for this pleases My Father;

keep your eyes fixed on your frailty, your wretchedness, your imperfections and your so many misgivings, then graciously give Me always the liberty to demand from you your time and your willingness to christianise this dechristianised society of yours, interceding lovingly as well for the Unity of My Church;

let your sole interest be on My Interests; plead for the conversion of sinners; these prayers offered to Me are like an aromatic fragrance of incense; this7 sigh of yours fragranced My Heart and it was My pleasure to receive it …

love Me and make reparations for those who recrucify Me daily …. enjoy My Presence, I am with you;

I, Jesus bless you; ic;

1 Not as much as it was expected.

2 I heard at the same time: unreconciled and not in peace.

3 The souls: the generation which apostatised.

4 The Lord means, in the prayer meetings.

6 Many people in different nations witnessed Christ’s Holy Face appear on my face.

7 Suddenly I gave a sigh for I knew my mission given to me by the Most High: to plead, to make reparations, and trot the world evangelising, without rest, so that my life turns into an unceasing prayer and sacrifice.