March 9, 1999

The Spirit of God revealed to me how one becomes a child of God;
being thus freed, we can now enjoy the same freedom and glory
as the rest of the other children of God.
The Spirit of Love has unfolded in front of my eyes
the Glory of the Triune God
with all Their Splendour and Treasures.
And now I can say with tranquillity in my soul:

“The Spirit has captured my soul
and turned me into His belonging,
and at the same time gave me my real freedom.
In His Grace He offered me a Royal Festival,
He offered Himself to me.

Then, like a River, He flowed in me,
renewing me without ceasing,
renewing my union with the Triune God;

Supplier of all gifts,
You have given me Your friendly Flame
communicating with me in Person,
bringing me to the Father and to the Son,
uniting my soul to them as well;

Divine Flame of my heart,
You who transfigured Your abode to Your taste
to satisfy Yourself and satisfy me,
I now shout for joy!

I can hear now a Voice
and I can no longer say:
“I do not recognise”;
I feel a Breath sliding over my face
and I cannot deny that Someone is standing before me,
smiling, shining,
how can I say: “I am not in the presence of the Divine”?

Now I have opened my mouth
but my tongue shaped those words through the Spirit
and if my heart will utter words of wisdom,
again it will be through the Spirit of Grace.

My Vassula, 1 I want equality of love ….

love Me and aspire from Me all the divine inspirations which belong to the sons and daughters of the Most High; I have set Our dwelling-place2 in order, I have put everything straight, because I am a God of order; I have been visiting you as I did with the Apostles to restore Our sanctuary3 for Our good pleasure, then I have set My Throne inside you; I revealed My gifts and My treasures to you, and I adorned you with My mere Presence, it pleased Me to possess you, and pour in you My Wisdom so that your soul shines forth in splendour; I have immersed you in Our limpid springs, to revive you;

– And I can say now:

“I found rest, and I am enjoying Your Riches;”
even when I depart from this earth
I will leave these Treasures
for future generations that are to come.

it is a trifle for Me to cover you with My Wealth; have you not heard that God never ceases to give Himself to all of you?

even as I am ceaselessly giving Myself to everyone, so will it be with you when I would prepare you to meet your Bridegroom; you would be giving yourself to the Lover of mankind, becoming one spirit with the Divine; like a true son and daughter of God, you would become in this elevated state of grace a perfect image of the Triune God, and all your undertakings will be done without any flaw, since they would be divine and according to Our Mind and Our Will;

even, My Vassula, your movements will be changed into Ours; every gesture, every step you will take in your life will be done in Our Love and they will keep amplifying by grace; as a daughter, a true daughter of the Most High, your spirit will be immersed in Our Divinity;

it is I, sweet daughter, who brought you into this filial love and into this Divine union, expanding your heart to receive more of Us so that We receive more of you, to give Ourselves more to you so that you give yourself more to Us; in this cycle you will be giving Us all that belongs to Us already; this is My triumph in you, the triumph of having brought you, after you had given Me your free will, into a perfect union of Divine Love with Us;

see how good it is to surrender? how could I have fulfilled My actions otherwise?

Sovereign Master I am now in your soul, but as I have told you once before, I am not only a Sovereign Master, but your Friend and Beloved as well; I have built you up to become a child of God who, being Our offspring, as any offspring, would have the right as well to share and give its opinion; even to govern with His Father;

in the tranquillity of My Breath in you, you will see things through Our Light and the way We see them; so I am telling everyone:

be rich in poverty, and I will turn a favourable Eye on you; let me call you as well, son or daughter of the Most High, and you will rule with Us; allow Me to set you on your feet to enable you to move in Me; allow Me to set My Throne in you so that you too can say to others: “I have found rest …” have you no desire to see your Father? do you not languish to meet God? if you do, then I must give you birth, yes, you have to be reborn of Me to see your Father; no child has ever seen his father before being born;

happy the man who meditates on the Freedom I can give; this Freedom will carry you as a Bridegroom carries His Bride into perfecting your union with Us; the transfiguration of love imprinted on your soul will be such that henceforth nothing will be able to separate you from Us;

Our Lord is filling us
with Knowledge and Understanding
revealing to us good and evil;

What more can one ask for?
The Most High has established His School in our hearts,

As a Light it shines from within and without;
He stoops from His Throne
to show us the magnificence of His works;

And as He set Knowledge before us,
He sets His Throne within us;
adorning our soul majestically with His Presence;
Holy is His Name;

What is man to assess God?
and yet many of them do;

How can it be possible for any man
to fathom His Greatness and His Marvels?
and yet some think they can;

Being too ready to show they know
shows their shallowness of mind;

This is why the Holy Spirit
conceals His Treasures from them,
and keeps them for the lowly;

Yes, Lord, in every way
You have made it known, through ages,
that You exalt the lowly
and the proud of heart You rout;
You have never disdained the poor in spirit,
but stood by them always and everywhere.

1 The Holy Spirit speaks.
2 My soul.
3 My soul.