November 11, 1998

My Lord, most gracious,
I beg You to come and cultivate my will
that it becomes Your Will,
stripping it and transforming it
to be nothing else but Your Divine Will;
come and kill everything in me that offends You
so that by this clement gesture of Yours,
in the day of Judgment
You would find me faultless and agreeable in Your sight;

because You have died
out of Your exuberant love for me,
to give me life and happiness
and be able to share Your Kingdom and Your glory,
mark me as Yours for eternity.

My priest, 1 continue to place garlands of love on My Head; replace My thorned Crown that this generation forces joyfully on My Head and continues to drag Me by force into new Gethsemanes; I have, in My exuberant love, but as well as in My agonies similar to those of Gethsemane, written all these pages to all of you so that you believe in the power of My Holy Spirit who bears witness; reverence Me in your heart, Paraskevi, by giving Me your time to write down again My words filled with sighs and sorrows; never cease praying and keep your mind focused only on My immutable Divinity; 2

ah, My child… continue to be patient and out of your patience I will keep flowing into dry lands, immersing them in My Divine Love with heavenly dew, giving growth where dross is still to be found; do not allow your heart to be troubled, trust in Me, your Creator, for I can do great things; I am infinitely rich in grace and virtue, therefore, I invite you, My bride, to share with your Bridegroom the glorious Instrument of our espousals, that is, the splendour of My Cross…

(I understood that this invitation of sharing the Cross was an invitation not only to share It but as well as to fully penetrate into the mystery of our Lord’s Passion, for this invitation was already offered to me in the very beginning of my call; our Lord, our Spouse, the Lover of mankind was stepping out, once more, of His Throne to give me a fuller knowledge of the worth (value) of the Cross.)

come willingly as you do every time I call you into My embrace… 3 to embrace Me is to embrace My Cross… and now let Me breathe in you My Divine Words:

I have said to you that when you embrace Me you are embracing My Cross and in this embrace you are bathed in My Light; the way, and I would say again, the only way to a union of Divine Love with Me is when you voluntarily embrace with love My Cross which you know bears its sufferings but its joys as well and which would lead you where your soul will be exalted: to Calvary;

in My sweet embrace you will find joys but the greatest joy of all is when you discover that you became a copy of My Passion, and part of Me, the Supreme Victim: another sacrifice of love, another living crucifix, another slave to be sold to the whole world; but being in My embrace your soul will be drawing from Me strength and all the virtues to resemble Me;

enamoured of My Spirit, your heart will chant hymns of praise reaching the heights and to the Amen’s ears and so your Triune God will be glorified…

who in your days understands fully the splendour of My Cross? very few do; this is why I come through you to instruct with passion, the world; in My thirst for souls and in My agony seeing them fall in the eternal fires, I call every one in this world for conversion and to prepare you for My glorious Reign of the Kingdom on earth, in which My Divine Will becomes the essence of your daily life and the emblem on your forehead;

I call out in the night of your souls, peering now and then through the window of your heart hoping to hear these words from you: “come, Beloved Saviour, come and open the eyes of my Night, and turn my heart to Your Goodness and away from evil; come and open the gates of Virtue to me so that I come in and prostrate in reverence before your Triune Glory; Beloved of my soul, give me once more, life, by Your Glorious Word;” and I will answer you: “I will never fail you, in honour of My Name, I, who transcend earth and heaven in majesty, will grant you Life;”

satisfy Me now, Vassula, by leaning on Me; rest Me in your heart willingly, dedicating your time for Me; love the Unloved and follow My instructions;

I, Jesus, bless you, telling you: My heaven is in you; tomorrow I will continue My Message; ic;

(The following day, Christ returned and called me for dictation and so my heart in joy, welcomed Him with these words:)

In Your exuberant love,
Lord of Mercy,
in Your divine tenderness,
come to my side;
Your branded slave is at Your service.

you have been honoured to be branded, marking you as My belonging, as My possession …. These marks are noble and priceless and I reveal them to those to whom I wish to reveal them, even though they are not seen by the exterior eye, they are seen, by grace, with the eye of the soul; 4

I, Myself, came into the world to serve and not to be served; I had, although My state was Divine, emptied Myself to assume the condition of a slave; since My Father gave Me to all of you as a gift for your redemption with My entire Will too, 5 I, in My turn, in your days, call for My purpose, My Chosen ones and lift them for My Salvific Plan, turning them into copies of Myself;

chosen long before their creation with the intention to become the true image of Myself and co-operators of My Love Plan, I honour them to be branded with the same marks I Myself had been branded with to make them fully Mine and to show the world that they are truly Mine and that they are My seed …. so when these are exposed to persecution, spittle, and are threatened, when they are misunderstood, calumniated and attacked, know that they come from Me and that they are the bone of My bone, the flesh of My flesh;

branded with all these noble signs that I received for your redemption, these noble souls too, for your sake, impious generation, are being tread upon, massacred daily and brought to judgment even by the dignitaries of My Church! just as sheep brought for the slaughter, they too are led by the false accusations of those who contribute to this day, the slaughter of My saints and My prophets of all times, and how ingeniously they get round My words6 in order to justify their incredulity!

their7 conduct does not please Me because they become the enemies of the whole human race, since they are hindering My Chosen ones from pronouncing My Will to My people and from reconstructing My House; thus, these oppressors, are reaching all the time the full extent of their iniquity;

as I have said, My Vassula, I am giving you to all the nations as My gift, that is: for their own benefit, to echo My Words and to serve the Church; I intended you from all eternity to become a true image of Myself, sharing My sufferings so that one day you will share My Glory; in the Light of My Cross model yourself with My Mind; working for the Light that is the same as to work for the exaltation of My Cross;

I have, My beloved one, given you a spirit of perseverance to keep up with My pace; the night is almost over and it will be daylight soon – so courage, daughter, courage …. in your union with My Cross you have done all these things in My Name, that is, you have witnessed, in My Name, My Messages to the utmost of your capacity; this has been done to fulfil the text: “those who have never heard or seen Me will hear Me and see Me and those that never understood Me will understand Me by the grace of My Holy Spirit;”

therefore, continue to embrace My Cross, stretching further than the seas with My Love Hymn in one hand and My Cross in the other; be My cheerful messenger, never abandoning My Cross; keep pronouncing My Will and all these things that you have heard and learnt from Me and be My joy and My heaven;

remember: I have offered you to share My Unity Cross with Me and you are to remain grafted on your Divine Bridegroom between His Bosom and on to My Cross; let your eyes perceive through My Cross those things that are invisible but eternal and not those things that are visible and wear away one day; so look through My Cross for the things that It can offer you later on in heaven;

all the Riches that can be found in My Heart could be seen through the Eye of your Redemptive Instrument and of your salvation: My Cross; the proof that any one is joined and one with Me, formed in Me and knit with Me is when your heart is grafted as well on My Cross with all its bearings; anybody who is convinced that he belongs to Me must understand that he belongs to My Cross as well;

have you not read: 8 “to suffer in God’s way means changing for the better9 and leaves no regrets, but to suffer as the world knows suffering brings death; just look what suffering in God’s way has brought you – what keenness, what explanations, what indignation and what alarm; what yearning,” and I would add to this, what joy, what intense perseverance and fortitude;

having then been brought by grace to distress, 10 so that you repent, the eyes of your soul opened because you diligently obeyed My Voice; My Vassula, look at how I have led you to repentance, look at how I have led you to My Cross; look at the joy I have obtained when you voluntarily thrust yourself to Me, then to My Cross!

My joy is overflowing and I am filled with consolation; gathering My lambs is not an easy task let alone uniting them, daughter, but giving Me your confidence in these matters, trust, love and faith, I can advance in you, spreading My Message as I want it spread, and, My Vassula, through your trials I triumph;

be in peace and continue to live in the Light of My Cross: a true life in Me,

Jesus Christ;

2 Jesus then gave a long sigh.

3 There was a slight pause then with a change of tone of voice that became very grave He said: “to embrace Me is to embrace My Cross …”

4 As our Lord says that only by grace a soul is favoured to be able to perceive with the ‘eye of the soul’ things that are not exterior and visible by the normal eye; even the marks of His Passion, branding a soul (interior marks), can be given to a soul who would feel them, thus becoming a copy of the Supreme Victim.

5 Jesus’ Will was the same as His Father’s Will.

6 Jesus means that these people do not use the words of counsel of Jesus: “You will know them by their fruits”.

9 Yes, because it leads to repentance then to the embracement of the Cross.

10 Back in 1985.