November 28, 1998

(Today it is 13 years of anointed messages. I’ve been in meditation all day long, meditating on how all this unmerited grace was given me. I was saying: “No one has found so much favour in God’s Eyes in the wretched condition I was found; God has had great mercy on my soul; the King of Kings brought me into His Royal Household; He summoned me by my name, and invited me at His great banquet, treated me with royal prodigality; then as though all of this did not seem to appease His eagerness of satisfying me, out of His excessive and exuberant love He has for me, the King of Kings gave me privileged access at any time to His Royal Presence; to walk in and out of His Royal Courts freely; my wretchedness, and it seemed my nothingness had won His favour; in His determination to save me He revealed to me heaven and earth and all the marvels that are under heaven; and so to praise His Holy Name, our Lord and God, taught me how to hymn His Name.”)

O Lord,
although Death was staring me in the face,
Your great Power saved me;
You yielded Your Royal Sceptre
to what did not exist; 1
may everyone commemorate the Power
of Your Name and Sceptre for evermore;
You have, with joy, displayed to my miserable soul
Your Riches and unending splendours of Your Kingdom;
You have never dealt with me as my faults deserved
but You had given orders to my angel saying:
“take her; bring her home safe and sound to Us2 and to our House …”
and so he did…

(After this, my angel drew my attention. I asked him, like in the old times, to draw me something …)

daughter-of-the-Most-High, peace, peace; enter into the joy of our Lord; be obedient to Him, alone; I, your guardian angel, offer you this rose from My heart; understand and learn to know our Lord; enter into the Sacred Heart; God has called you and now you have made peace with God;

I, Daniel, servant of God, carried you to the Most High; heaven today is rejoicing; come, approach with confidence the Throne of Grace;

I, Daniel, bless you, in the Most Holy Trinity;

(The Father leaned from Heaven and approached me…)

My Vassula, nothing pleases Me more than when you gather yourself in My Presence; extol My Word; I, God, am looking down from heaven, into your room, flower; you have seen My Glory, you have tasted My sweetness and you have obtained My favour; before the mountains were born, before anything on earth had sprout, I had chosen you, My loved one, to sing a melodious tune honouring My Name thrice Holy and giving life with My Word to the dead; I had, My child, since your birth put you in My Angel’s charge to guard you and carry you to Me; see? can any one say: “God has not displayed His Divine Power; God has not been mindful of His Love and Faithfulness to His creation;”

ah, Vassula, it has been thirteen perfumed years, thirteen years of anointed Messages confided to you so that you pronounce, to nations, My Will; I spoke and you believed …. I gave this immense treasure to you and filled your generation with the odour of My fragrance, and every soul that opened the window of her heart to Me was perfumed from within and without, My sweetness penetrating even to the marrow of the bone, fragrancing soul, mind and spirit …. did you not know that when I promise I fulfil?

My child, lean now on the same Heart which My Son, Jesus Christ, is nearest to – and remember: I will cultivate this generation and I will make them understand that immortality is found in being kin to the Triune God; My intention is to draw every soul into a divine and intimate union of love, deifying them in Our one Substance, and in Our one Will ….

O glory be to our Triune God,
God of heaven and earth,
in whose power all creation will bend its knees;
glory be to Him from generation to generation
in the Church;

Let us all proclaim:
there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism
and one God who is Father of all,
through all and within all;
and that there is one true theology:
that of contemplating God
in His Triune Glory and in His Divine Mystery!

be blessed; in the sight of all heaven, I, your Eternal Father, bless you giving you the unction of My Divine Love on your forehead;

1 Figurative meaning: I did not exist, until our Lord resurrected me from my Spiritual death.

2 The Trinity.