November 5, 1998

(In the U.S.A. much controversy was being exercised on me, before my coming. It seemed, as once our Lord told me, that at the approach of the Holy Spirit, all the demons go wild, and the demon puts all his power of evil forces to create chaos. What a typical way of the devil to combat the salvific message of Our Saviour! And how many times has he exercised it before my arrival on those who are God’s devout children! May these souls who allow Satan to whisper in their ears and listen to him, be forgiven, and preserved from harm… Nevertheless, since all of this noise issued from the depths of Hell, the Mighty Hand of God was able to chase it away, and our Lord triumphed in the end. Thousands came, assembling to hear our Lord’s message, and those who were victims of Satan, giving false statements on hearsay to prevent me from being present, were left powerless.)

Blessed is he who cares for justice and acts with integrity …

My child, learn that every tongue that prophesied accusations on you, in Judgment will be refuted unless they repent; prayer and expiating incense is what they need;

at the sound of My Holy Spirit all the demons are tormented and reinforce their strength in every way, going to extremes, assailing My mouthpieces by merciless anger and falsehood, for those Dominations, Principalities and Powers have great force upon the earth, but do not fear, they are submissive to My commands; they recoil before Me and tremble before My Cross;

with oil I have anointed you, My merry messenger, to be My Echo of Love, of Unity and Reconciliation; I am saying again and again that I have made you a witness to My people, see? all are assembling and coming to hear My Love Hymn and when they do, they grow radiant because I, like a sun, shine on them My brightness and My Glory;

today I tell you: your Saviour will bring His victory nearer; My Return will not be late; I will bring salvation to those who love Me;

from the beginning I foretold the future and predicted beforehand events to come, but many people’s hairs have turned grey already and still they have not understood My sayings and never will; hence, I will grant you an understanding; I had warned you once, 1 generation, that because of this Great Apostasy, the rebels2 who call themselves scholars by grade, stormed secretly a passage into My Sanctuary to pillage and plunder freely with the intention to stamp down like the mud in the streets, My Divinity and My Perpetual Sacrifice, establishing legislators of infamous laws;

I have said that My Hand is still raised to strike and that My Justice will blow on you, arousing limitless blisters upon you, scorching your generation and every living thing around it; many then would want to breathe but would only inhale a scorching wind, that would burn them inwardly leaving them as a living torch;

did you not know, degenerate generation, that in these days of darkness you are living in, you have been inhaling a scorching apostasy? an apostasy burning you inwardly and outwardly, producing limitless blisters in your inmost being? some would ask, “why has God done this to us?” have you not read: “the anger of God is being revealed in your times, from heaven against all the impiety and depravity of men who keep truth imprisoned in their wickedness;” 3 but there is not one who understood My sayings ….

I had been asking for great and truthful expiations, so that you would not have to suffer the consequences of this Apostasy, but I have received very few expiations because My sayings were censored for lack of trust in Me; they did not trust Me and did not believe in My Power entirely, to spread My sayings and warn this generation;

your own behaviour, generation, and actions have brought this Apostasy on you, and it pierces your heart, but at the same time too while I am saying this to you, My Eyes fill with Tears of Blood, and My Heart continues to sob like a flute for all of you ….

today you call out, generation: “my God, I am in anguish for my family and for myself; I writhe with pain from this burning wind;” but to this day My sayings are ignored and are not taken seriously; you gasp for fresh air, while you are burning inwardly, and yet, when My Holy Spirit of Grace descends in power upon you to set you free and comes in glory to you so that you inhale the Breath of Life, the Breath of God, that is the Holy Spirit, your rebellious and unruly hearts continue to reject Me;

My Return is imminent but neither this nor its meaning have been fully grasped by you; and so it is My Vassula, My Love for all of you compels Me to bring forward My Return;

Almighty Power, Wisdom and Goodness will prevail not before long; ecclesia will revive in its Triune Glory; blessed is he who allows Me to reside in his soul;

blessed is he who leans on My Bosom and allows Me to embrace him, his soul will be recognised4 in My Courts from the odour of My fragrance upon him;

blessed is he who receives My Word and keeps it, he would be adjudged holy;

tell this generation and especially those who do not know Me that I, in My Divine Love, who have given you mystical graces to raise the Church, embellish it and give Her Sources of Living Water, am the Author of this revelation and am holding back the even greater graces of My Power, for these will be given to you later on and in due course;

You have given me freely from Your Own Goods;
Lord, Lover of Life,
Your gift of Mercy has saved me and many others;
Glory be to God, praised be His Holy Name.

rest now, My Beloved, in your Resting Place; 5 the tuneful heartbeats you hear are My Sighs of Love for each one of you;

come, we, us?

2 In other words, the rebels represent “the smoke of Satan”, predicted by the Pope Paul VI.

4 Accepted.

5 His Sacred Heart.