June 22, 1998


come daughter …. I am the inner Source of power within you whose sweetest melodies sung to you resound in every nation;

have I not written for you, My dove, thousands of pages of love, counsel and knowledge, for you to be able to expound the Truth in this impoverished generation? have I not, My bride, filled you with sound words to answer those who question you? it is from Me that you breathe, bathed in My Light; it is in Me that you move and are1 never ceasing to be; for My Majesty transcends earth and heaven and all that is within them;

then, from My Mouth, full of grace, flow wealth and honour, enriching all those who love Me; enriching them to know Us as Triune, yet One in the unity of essence; teaching them with tenderness of heavenly realities, lifting their spirit to revolve only around heavenly realities;

it was I who created your inmost self and put you together in your mother’s womb; – and as I watched daily, inebriated with delight, your bones taking shape, forming in secret, I was already celebrating our betrothals; I tell you, were I to find your spirit eager and thirsty to know Me, I, who, from your birth was so eager to possess you and espouse you to Myself, I would fly to you at your first invitation and brand you with My fiery baptismal kiss on your forehead; a heavenly sign of our matrimonial celebration; then, My loved one, I would crown you with a wreath of the most fragrant flowers; each of its petals representing a virtue;

I am the Gateway through which the virtuous enter; and as My word has guaranteed, I will revive your love for the gospel to equal your eagerness to that of the first apostles to spread the gospel of peace; and everywhere you would go, you would leave behind you My scent, perfuming nation after nation, for I would always be with you;

I will privilege you to grow in your love not only for Us, but also for your brothers and sisters, so that you sing to Us the psalm: 2 “how good, how delightful it is for all to live together like brothers …”

I will become your personal Helper and Companion and also your family, your brother, your sister; I will become your bearer; 3 I will become your amen to the Amen4 and your canticle to the One who hymns to you now …. I will reveal to you, My bride, what flesh and blood can never reveal to you: I will reveal to you the innermost part of your heart and the depths and the mind of God too;

I will show My favour graciously by increasing in you while I will be decreasing you; Dawn will be waking in you while Night will be dying in you;

I am the Light of your soul and beautiful as a Parousia in you I will shine and inaugurate with all My angels and saints Our union of divine Love; We shall celebrate our espousals ….

in Me, you will enjoy freedom; without Me, your soul remains captive and will fall in the snares of the evil one who will imprison you; so look at no one else, My love, but at your God, thrice Holy; delight in no one else on earth but in He who suckles you from His Sources with Life; pine away with love for no one on earth except for the King of kings, the First and the Last and for His House;

and you, Vassiliki, on whom I posed Myself5 and who hugged Me ever so tenderly and with so much affection on your cheek as a token of love, exclaiming: “I found Him whom my heart loves!” and you clasped Me and held Me fast against your cheek, nor would you let Me go, but I too had found My bed of spices, banks sweetly scented;

“I shall give you the gift of My Love,” I said; then like drops of pure myrrh, My words dropped in your ear, opening it to be able to hear My desires; “I am your Life; let yourself be directed by grace, from now on by Me; let your lips be as the lilies, 6 distilling pure myrrh; do not give up the struggle, I will be with you; bear the Cross of Christ and be enamoured of It and I will be with you; put your faith in God and glorify the Father’s Name; encourage your generation to get to know the Father; tell them that He is a gentle Father and a God of consolation; spread the Knowledge of Himself and I will be with you; tell this generation that the Amen’s Name fills all the universe with a most sublime perfume, a most delicate fragrance; be like a gazelle and be swift going over ravines, crossing valleys with Our Word; and I will be with you; be as a lily, through your purity of intentions, distilling pure myrrh on the Church that Christ bought with His Own Blood; let Us say one day: how fragrant your perfume, more fragrant than all the other spices and I will be with you and will keep on breathing over you, My garden, to spread your sweet perfume all around; be planted in Me and grow strong in your faith with the strength of My Power, so that you will grasp the breadth and the length, the height and the depth, until you will reach to know the Love of the Son, which is beyond all knowledge, and will be filled with utter fullness of God;” this is what I said to you….

and now, My bride, espoused and clothed with Christ, adorned with My ineffable Light and imbedded like a royal gem in Me, take heart, I am with you, your true Companion; fragile bride of the Most High and Father of all and who is Bridegroom to all, guard your thoughts on His Sovereignty and His Splendour and feed yourself directly from His Mouth by placing your mouth on His, to obtain the grandeur of His Word; the flow of His Word is sweeter than nectar;

be cleaved to your Bridegroom’s Bosom and you will shine in the world like a bright star because you will be offering the world the Word of Life; your race, My beloved, is not over, but I am with you; although there will still be burning arrows aimed at you because you have received the Word of God from Me; be bold, for I am your Armour; keep spreading your sweet fragrance, extending it in every nation, without forgetting that I am your sweet Lover, the Lord God, and that you, whom I created for this purpose, are My bride who belongs now to My Imperial Household;

I am the revelation7 of the Son and the Son is the revelation of the Father; and in Our perfect wisdom We have bestowed upon this generation and for the future generations, various favours like never before in history; for their salvation I raised prophets to help them understand and reach the fullest knowledge of Our Divine Will; I have given you to them entirely to admonish them through this Canticle8 and help them understand and know Us and enter in the way of salvation where the plenitude of all graces is hidden;

all the saints and angels declare now with one melodious voice:

“we thank you
O most Holy and Adorable Trinity, Eternal Wisdom,
for supplying, in an ineffable abyss of generosity,
the whole world with Your Canticle of Hope and Love;
written so that it will lead many to Eternal Salvation;
with exceptional grace, You have laid out a way,
scented by a sweet odour of Your perfume
and spread with sapphires,
for every one to follow
and find their loveliest rest in Eternity;
and in Your divine gentleness
You have found this remedy to heal this generation;

O Spring of the universe, Most lovable Trinity,
altogether adorable Bridegroom,
You visited once more the earth,
to speak to Your children heart to heart,
pouring on them a stream of graces
with anointed and luminous knowledge of Yourself;
You, Luminous Godhead, have anticipated this Feast9
long before Your creation;
the day when, favouring your beloved,
You would call Your creation,
from the lowest to the highest,
to a day of espousals with Your Divinity,
where in those days of festivity
You would share with them a more intimate union,
embedded like a royal gem in You,
and where You would converse with them
in the interior of their heart;

in the tenderness of Your Heart
You had foreseen that this divine union
would be only sweetness,
because You would be spending Your time with them,
sharing their lives while still on earth
as You share Your splendour with Your angels;

may praise and thanks be given to the adorable Trinity
for irrigating His flower beds, 10
and for sending His light far and wide;
we give thanks to You, God, as we recount Your marvels;

in order to reach the abyss of human frailty,
You left Your Throne and laid aside Your royal Crown, 11
to ornament Your creation
with an overflow of Your divine Love;
then, inebriated with Your Love for them,
You gave Your Holy Spirit
who would draw them into Your nuptial chamber12
and on Your matrimonial bed, 13
spontaneously uniting themselves to You;

O Holy Trinity,
Treasure of the saints and of the angels;
once Your creation would be exalted with Divine Love,
they would cry out to You:
‘Kyrie eleisson, Kyrie eleisson …’
while You would be whispering in their ear:
‘because you embraced impassability,
you found a spiritual vivification in My embrace;’

Giver of Life and Dispenser of inestimable gifts,
You have, in Your tenderness,
summoned the poor as well as the rich
to gather around Your Kingly table,
offering an imperial Banquet;

glory be to the Most High,
Source of ineffable delights,
Fountain that makes the gardens fertile, 14
Well of Living Water,
Streams of faithful Love flowing from Your Heart,
Lover of mankind, Bridegroom of Your creation,
we adore You and praise Your Holy Name Thrice Holy;

yes, Vassula, all heaven rejoices since in Our gracious condescension We took pity on this generation; Christ had said: “if anyone loves Me, he will keep My Word, and My Father will love him; and We will come to him and make Our abode with him;” 15 and so We will ….

O happy seed! 16 were you to be sown in Me, your harvest will be Paradise; were you to grow in Me, you would blossom and your spring flowers, since they would blossom in Spring Himself, will perfume the earth, and the earth, revived by your aromatic fragrance, will utter its first word: “Father!” and it will be saved;

You have won for Yourself
this rebellious heart of mine;
in Your lavish affection and in Your Love,
You have clasped my filthy hands into Yours
drawing me close to You and in You,
breathing a new life in my soul;
and with a baptismal kiss,
You ended my rebellion;

O indescribable delight of my soul,
You visited me,
not daring to show me, in the beginning,
the immensity of Your Love,
lest my heart would be too small to contain it;

You abstained from revealing to me entirely
the ardour of Your Love
lest I would run away in my human frailty;
but then, in the exuberance of Your Love,
You wedded me ….

You wedded me,
despite my great wretchedness and guilt,
wholly uniting me to Your Triune Holiness;
this free gift, given by Your Own Will,
given to an unworthy worm as myself,
baffles me still to this day ….

O Sunshine of my soul;
You who so delicately fed me on curds and honey17
here You are now, visiting the earth once more;
but the earth again mistrusts You and refuses to welcome You;

My Beloved went down to His garden, 18 to the bed of spices, 19
to pasture His flock20 in the gardens,
and gather lilies; 21

My Beloved came to call His Own Flock,
and gather lilies in the fields
who have no other care but to LOVE;
He came to gather His lilies for His Own good pleasure;

Divine Wisdom visited the earth
to remind His Own that there is but one theology,
that of contemplating You in Your Triune Glory;

So let me be Your rose without thorns,
most delicate Bridegroom,
and You, my Living Water;
there, my stem placed in this Living Water,
will not die, but will draw life and will live eternally
since I will be plunged in the Eternal God Himself.

You have been favoured by the odour of My fragrance, 22 and I allowed you to contemplate My Holy Face which shone on you; 23 no, this memory of My Holy Face will never dissipate from your memory; I transcend earth and heaven in majesty and splendour and My Name and no other is sublime, raising the poor in spirit to join Me; I move in them and they move in Me; I have, out of My exuberant Love, as I have inspired you to call it, offered you free gifts in abundance, for I am only interested in those who fear Me24 and in those who rely on My Love;

no, I have not come to inflict punishment on you, but instead, I came to you to wed you, and as a bridegroom who lavishes his bride with gifts, I adorned you with My divine gifts; it is not by the eloquence of words I am moved or affected, but by a contrite spirit; does not Scripture teach you to love virtue? were you to seek Me in simplicity of heart, not putting Me to the test, then I, in My Benevolence, will come down from heaven as a lightning inside your body and be your lamp;

you have been taught that the lamp of your body is your eye, and so it is, because a diseased eye has no vision and has only darkness, whereas a healthy eye illuminates the view; I am this lamp and anyone who has Me within him, will seek the true virtues and not the vices; I am the real lamp of your body that fills your whole body with the treasures and splendours of Our Kingdom; these treasures and splendours are the virtues; where there is Light there is virtue; where there is Darkness there is vice; do not be mistaken and cling to this dying world, but be faithful to Me and you will live with Me in love; love virtue;

in the beginning, Vassula, you were asked to live holy and be holy; I had also counselled you that were you to strike deep roots in Me, you would not sway in the wind nor would any of your branches snap off with any kind of tempest; then your fruit would be plenty, enough to feed a multitude and generations; were you to remain loyal to Us, I said I would grant you special favours, and so I did; I imbedded you like a royal gem in Me, and addressed you; I refreshed you and nourished you to grow in virtue; I gave you such virtues as love and patience, wisdom, knowledge, fortitude and perseverance; Christ had offered you His patience and at the same time, the grace of hope; to build your hope that one day holiness would be rewarded I have taught you to endure all the tests put to you with a holy patience;

you sought, in your human frailty to please Us; so We bent over you and loved you; Wisdom is given to mere children and so We, in Our Triune Holiness, found simplicity of heart and instructed you that you had to acquire Wisdom, but We would be helping you; We said that We would help you imitate Us and be Our living altar upon which We would place Our knowledge, so that you would understand and know Us;

you sought to please Us, and We found Our comfort in you; I am the Spirit who teaches and gives temperance; soul, let your sparks die down even more; your closeness to Us is wealth for your soul; yes, your closeness to Our royal Munificence renders you perseverant not only for your mission but to reach an invincible holiness, I said to you, My beloved, to love virtue, and I compared you to a tree which has many branches, rich in foliage, because you were rooted in Me, the Source of Love, and from that Source you were irrigated to produce many and a variety of fruits, fruits of virtues; I say a variety of virtues because any one who is rooted in Love which is the principle of all virtues, will give birth to all other virtues;

does not Scripture say: “Love endures, Love is always patient and kind; Love is never jealous or boastful; Love is not proud; it is not rude or selfish; Love does not take offence and holds no rancour; Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins or vices, but rejoices in the Holy Spirit and delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes;”

I have given you the virtue of fortitude to be the principle of all your other virtues in you; since I was preparing your soul for this battle of your times, where good is deformed into evil; in the beginning, Christ instructed you as well as the Father, through Me, that We would be sending you, My loved one, in the vile depths of sin, where iniquity and vice are worn like a crown on those who recrucify Christ; We showed you, through visions infused into your intellect, that We would be sending you in the nest of vipers, and so with the virtue of trust in Us, together with the virtue of fortitude, you would endure and persevere;

you endured all the injustices, the venomous arrows thrust on you, with this virtue; you endured great trials for the sake of Our Name; and many who contradicted you were not able to break you; although from the exterior you appeared frail, I rendered you strong from within, proof that I am well within you, and that your virtue is indeed rooted in the Truth; as I have said, if you are rooted in Me, who am the Source of Divine Love, you will obtain the virtue of love, then like little branches, Love will give birth to other virtues; there are numerous virtues given to each one, who, by grace were raised to love Me; and everything that is distributed is distributed by Me;

We once said to you in the beginning that you would have no rest and that at times your grief would be intolerable at seeing the deafness and stubbornness of certain souls, but by your suffering for Our sake, you have proved your patience, which is, as I have told you, linked to the Source, which is love; to widen the space of My Dwelling place, 25 I removed all that was obstructing Me, and My Light rose in the darkness and the shadows became like noon; I gave strength to your bones and I flowered you with My Presence;

be strong and prove yourself worthy as My bride, wedded to the Truth; be perseverant and strong with My Spirit of fortitude, to continue to bear witness to the Truth with zeal and courage; with this virtue that I give by My Grace to martyrs, you can overcome all your detractors, and all those who never cease hailing the death of My angel; 26 like the sun you will continue shining in Our Triune Presence and in every nation We send you; you seek to please Us by enduring the pains of lengthy journeys to enliven the Church and defend it;

anyone who defends faithfully the Church and witnesses are, for Us, like living torches because their words flare in the darkness of the world; I give them a warrior’s heart, to fight the good fight of faith and justice and join in this spiritual battle of your times My archangels Michael and Raphael, who are predominant in strength and valiant Warriors of Justice, observing through My Light every aspect of human behaviour …. you sought to please Us, with devout affection and loyalty, so We hid you in the shadow of Our Hand, taking you in Our care;

Mediator of every one, I Am; Guarantor of your well-being, I Am; sublime Source of Unity of the Christians, I Am; supreme Unity of the Father and the Son, I Am; Unction to the poor in spirit, I Am; Unceasing Prayer within you, I Am; Bridegroom to you all and Perpetual Companion, I Am;

beloved bride, you have now learnt from My Mouth, and through grace in an ineffable manner, what concerns Us; I have been teaching you that knowledge of God, through Me, is trinitarian knowledge to refute heresies and the like; ah, Vassula! the One whom you allowed to take root in your inmost being is the Truth who transfigures souls into a delightful Paradise where a variety of trees can be found which represent all sorts of virtues; these are the heavens in which We dwell perpetually;

and now I have sung to you as a bridegroom would sing to his bride: a canticle of love; a canticle of divine love to remind all of you that you are heirs to Our Kingdom; this was hymned to you by the Hymn27 Himself to allow you all to taste, while still on earth, My supreme sweetness eternally joined to you;

so the Bridegroom welcomes you by saying: “come now, with a contrite spirit and have your fill in Me; let all who are thirsty come! I have the Water of Life and I have it for free;” I, the Lover of mankind, the Lord God, ask you, daughter of the Trinity, to take the other two Canticles, hymned to you by the Father and the Son, together with this one and name Our Work:

Canticle of the Bridegroom;

in Our Divine Canticle are many sayings of Our Triune sweetness, with amorous teachings so that many trees would prosper and grow; but as for the barren trees, I shall come, with a host of angels and uproot them in winter and so will be twice dead;

inscribe on your heart, all of you, this fundamental truth: “the Lord God knows those who are His Own and so allows them to come near Him;” these are destined to attain perfection in the divine and intimate union with Us; they are called to be transfigured in Us and be one with Us; their old self will be no more, but in an ineffable manner I gave always to My saints, I would deify them in Our union; through Me, I deify all those to whom I am united and they no longer speak with their own mind but in the manner I would speak; they no longer see with their eyes but in the manner I would see things; their acts would be My acts;

a golden ring was given to you, 28 an ornament of finest gold, the day of your spiritual espousals, as a symbol of: sharing the Cross; therefore, I invite you once more to endure with patience your trials;

grant Us your time, and now, beloved daughter, come and rest in Us;

Let us seek the understanding of the invisible God
by simplicity and purity of heart;

Let us seek the understanding of His exuberant Love
in the divine union and intimacy
that His Majesty has deigned to offer us,
by wholly abandoning ourselves to Him;

In Your great condescendence
You have, Lover of all mankind,
hymned to us to rejoice us;

You have,
as a bridegroom who prepares for his bride a banquet,
You have prepared for all of us a royal banquet
so that we can all feast on the bounty of Your house;
You give us drink from Your river of pleasure;

yes, for with You, my Lord,
is the fountain of Life,
by Your Light we see the Light;

As a doe longs for running streams,
so longs my soul for You, my God;
my soul thirsts for God,
the God of Life; the God of Hope; the God of Consolation;
when shall I go to see the face of God again?

My heart had said of You: “seek His Holy Countenance;”
and, as a king would pay tribute to his queen,
in this same manner, in Your perfect goodness,
You paid tribute to my most unworthy soul
by showing Your beauty, by showing me Your Holy Face;

Saving Fortress of my soul, shepherd me;
and let my soul enjoy Your sweetness;
You have given strength to feeble hands,