March 23, 1987

remember I am One, the Holy Trinity is One; 1 I want that our union be perfect; discern Me carefully; yes, you have seen well, I have with Me two rings;

They are silver-white? and very shiny!

they are out of pure white gold;

(There I thought evil was misguiding me, how could this be?)

listen Vassula, it is I, Jesus; do not fear; beloved, come, I have brought you this ring; I want you to wear it now; discern Me;

But is this possible?

yes, I am blessing our union!

beloved, this act is a spiritual heavenly act; your soul is united to Me, I tell you truly; believe Me, I will sanctify our marriage;

allow Me to place this ring on your finger; I love you; feel Me; I love you and I bless you;

Jesus placed the other ring on His finger.

see? what can you discern more?

(I can see a ribbon joining two ‘circles’.)

this I shall place on our heads; we are now joined; I am crowning our union;

Jesus many will blame this as fantasy!!

why; many come to Me and marry Me, glorifying Me, and I so much rejoice to be united to them! Vassula, I have risen you from the dead; I shed My Light on you; I looked after you, and soothed you; leave Me free to continue My works on you daughter; be like soft plaster willing to be shaped up as I wish; leave yourself free in My hands and do not resist Me;

Lord, I’m so happy, too happy that I fear I might be wrong!

no, you have well discerned; I love you to the extent that I am well prepared to fetch you right away; I am longing to deliver you and have you near Me, but I have created you for this Message;

Lord, I’m fearing that I might have misdiscerned and that I have profaned You by thinking that You gave me a ring and joined us; though I was pretty sure about it.

My bride, My wretched bride, why are you fearing Me? grieve Me not and approach Me; I love you; lean on Me and remember, I it is who sanctified our marriage; do not worry, it is I Jesus, leave your fears and approach Me; I felt your hand; 2

(I had been looking at His picture (big format) of the Holy Shroud while writing, and unconsciously with my mind I had pushed gently His hair (left side) placing it behind, away from His cheek. I was surprised at the immediate reaction.)

Have you felt my hand, really?

I have; Vassula do you realise I am God?

I’m sorry I did this.

do not be; be intimate with Me, just like you are; come, give Me your hand and I will keep it in Mine;

1 In the unity of essence.
2 Jesus said this very quickly.