June 21, 1998


Ah, my Joy right now is great,
You fill my soul not only with Your transcendent light
but with joy too.

yes, My beloved, My wealth is Joy as well;

You are my Comforter
in times of anxiety, in times of sorrow;
You console my soul, O perfect One;
may You assist my soul in Your loving Tenderness.

O Glorious Throne, my God,
Set high from all Eternity,
come and uproot all evil from within Your sanctuary
and show me Compassion,
show me Your Holy Countenance ….

My sympathy is with you, My weak child; I have revealed to you and to others Christ’s mind, even as Christ revealed to you the mind of the Father; do not doubt of My power; do not doubt of My favour I conferred on you to be able to hear Me, understand Me and this time gaze at Me; I have emptied you by grace and filled you with Myself; so be happy, I want you always happy, for heaven is your homeland;

I have, Vassula, through all these years, satisfied you with the melody of My Voice, first in your heart and in your mind, then I granted you now one more unmerited favour: to gaze at Me in this one manifestation; I am your Helper but so is the Father and Christ; you have now contemplated the One who encompasses all beings;

you must not be surprised when the world today remains dead to My Call, and when it listens but does not understand; so long as they are ruled over by the evil one, clinging to this passing world, I will remain for them unknown;

I am the inner Source of Christian Unity, and it is in Me you should put your hopes and your union; I am the Source of Hope, Faith and Love; Infinitely rich, I glory in My glory; I am the vivifying Spirit of the risen Son and the vivifying breath of your mortal bodies; and so you who live for Us, you will be vitalised by My Divine Power to be destined for glory; not only do I resurrect you, but I also give you a free way to enter Our glory, becoming Our adoptive child and heir to Our Kingdom;

I have said to you that I am the Source of Hope because, were you to accept Me as your Helper, you would be accepting Hope and I who know how to express your plea, I would be expressing it with words of Wisdom and according to Our Mind, in a way that would be pleasing to Us; I am your Hope, since I made My home in you; so be content to hope that you shall be saved and risen by Me;

enjoy the freedom I am giving you and possess Me as I would be possessing you, then, only then would My Reign begin in you …. it begins when your soul will become as beautiful as a bride dressed for her husband in her nuptial gown; you will then realise with tears in your eyes that you were not made to remain celibate but that you were My promised one and that I, the Holy Spirit, your promised One, the Bridegroom of all creation would sanctify your soul in My embraces and in royal munificence;

did you forget, My beloved, how, not long ago before our wedding, your soul at night was longing for Me and how your spirit too was seeking Me? see now how delicious My Love is? see how Our Triune Holiness and Tenderness expand like sweet fragrance all around the universe, perfuming it? all souls to which I am joined become brides, for in Our intimacy We draw them in Us to become their Bridegroom each day of their life; and they, enamoured of Us, willingly thrust themselves in Us and ever so completely to savour the fullness of Our Divine Love that they become one with Us ….

now, My dearest soul, have your rest in Me and remain My triumph; 1 together with the Father and the Son, I tell you: love the Unique Trinitarian God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind;

We bless you for dedicating your time to Us and for serving Us;

1 Because the Holy Spirit conquered me.