May 29, 1998

In the unrelenting pain of my spirit I must speak,
lament in the bitterness of my soul;
come, I beg You, look at me;
have You done away with me?
My roots are thrust in You,
yet in my silence I say:
“The Lord God surely is upset with me;
He will surely cut me off one of these days;”

I look for light to understand,
but there is only darkness;
have I been maybe insensitive to Your Goodness?
have I disappointed You in any way or neglected You?
or has the sight of the sun in its glory,
or the glow of the moon as it walked the sky,
stolen my heart from You, so that my hand blew them a kiss?

My loving spouse, allow Me to pour on you My sweet fragrance, and remember one thing: I, Jesus Christ, the Word of God, will always fulfil all your needs; 1

numerous are your failures, but I had foreseen all of this, before even I announced My Message to you; but I have given you, in My immeasurable Love I have for you, a place in Me, where in that particular place I could bring your soul in the perfection I demand of My saints; ah, Vassula, overflowing clemency is Me, fathomless love is Me, and yet, you still know Me so little, My dove; why these obscure thoughts of Me? everything I have is yours and forever; 2 be then of good cheer and spare Me from this unnecessary Cup; the Word of Life was given to you freely so that you, in your turn, give it freely to the others; I had a pattern in My Work, as you see, and I want you to keep doing all the things you have learnt from Me and have been taught to do in My Name;

do not fear anyone when you assemble together in My Name to christianise this dechristianised generation; everything you do is for My honour and My glory; I am building; it is I who do the building, and woe to those who stretch their hand to destroy what is being constructed by Me! devote yourself now to My affairs and remember that there is no frontier between you and Me; I am always with you, My beloved;

I bless you; ic;

1 Jesus means my negligences and failures.
2 Our Lord was saying these words very slowly with a sad Voice for being still misunderstood by the creature He has given, in His divine benevolence, so much.