April 24, 1998

“When a man’s rights are overridden
in defiance of the Most High,
when a man is deprived of justice,
does not the Lord see it?” 1

Vassula, adversity practised on you gladdens Me! 2

And I, only yesterday, on Saint George’s feast day, I was pleading him to intercede for me and take away my adversaries!

ah, no, no, no, no! 3 why should I let you by your own foolishness lose the crown of the faithful I have prepared for you, and everything else I have stored up for you in heaven! this is the sort of love I showed to all of My chosen ones; so will you stop your unfounded thoughts? …

come, foolish little child, remain united to Me who am the Head4 and you will receive the strength you need to bear anything joyfully; I will never neglect you; carry your crosses with love, especially the noblest one I passed on to you and the most abhorrent to Satan, the Cross of Unity; and do not be afraid to suffer adversity; it is after all for My glory!

O Lord, You know I’ve prayed to Saint George, so now what will become of my request to him?

Saint George, who died as a martyr, will protect you from all evils; he is by your side and guards you; he will pray so that your thoughts would be focused on heavenly things;

so then, My delight, come back to your senses and do not repel My Nails and Thorned Crown that My Love compelled Me to offer you; rose of the Rose5 I have crowned you with My Jewels; 6 I am lenient to many things but to dispose of these Jewels? never!

come! come to Me and taste the flow of sweetness coming out of My Mouth, this sweetness will reassure you that from all Eternity you were Mine and I was yours …. I am now on My way, dearest one, but only for a little while to allow you to continue your good work; 7

1 Lm. 3:35-36.

2 Jesus was extremely cheerful; He was really full of joy; somehow He surprised me.

3 These ‘no’s were said quickly, as though one word.

4 The Head of the Church.

5 I understood this as meaning: heart of the Heart.

6 Our Lord means with His Redemptive Instruments.

7 Jesus means my housework.