June 7, 1998

(Sunday, Pentecost) 1

(The Holy Spirit continues His Divine Message of April 22, 1998.)

ah …. My Vassula …. I have chosen you and I have not rejected you although you too had ceased to be; and so it will be that I will show in this same manner My ineffable affection and My divine power to anyone who is willing; 2 I will not reject you but see how lenient My Love for you compels Me to be? in these days I am descending together with the Father and the Son as three Witnesses; God the Father is Spirit, 3 in that He sends Me, the Spirit of Truth, 4 to be with you for ever and lead you to the complete Truth;

the Word of God, Light and Saviour and who existed since the beginning, who is nearest to the Father’s Heart, has witnessed and made the Father known to you; you have been bought and paid for with His own Blood; have you not read that the Word of God is alive and active and testifies on earth as I and the Father testify? the Holy One who bought His Church with His own Blood5 testifies with His Blood and I, the Holy Spirit of Truth, who leads you to the complete Truth6 testify with Water; 7

therefore, We are three Witnesses and all three of Us agree as We are One God alone, 8 with one Will, one Power and one Dominion; what image, creation, have you contrived of Me and you still do not know Me? … and yet I never stopped testifying; I was never hiding …. 9

O Ineffable Light of Beauty,
Your Divine Eyes were soft and smiling;
You smiled at me and I found myself smiling back at You;
Your Face, O Holy One, contained an angelic charm;

Your Holy Face, radiating Love and Purity
was ever so near mine;

I was not even in profound meditation
when You surprised me by appearing to me;

Although His Face was altogether adorable,
His Eyes were the ones which drew my attention,
leaving me in awe and in admiration

the love of Your gaze
looking into mine with ineffable tenderness
were like two glittering stars,
they were like a turquoise transparent sea
filled with serenity;
what can I, the poor worm, say?

Your Divine Eyes, my Lord,
are like a Liturgy, an ocean of Love,
a Paradise and a consuming fire
for the one who undeservedly
was allowed to contemplate them …

how blessed you are, you whose ears I opened, may your ways remain straight in Our Wisdom so that you may do Our Divine Will;

count on Me, beloved, for I will bring as many as possible in union with Our Oneness and I will fill them with Light so that they will be filled with the absolute fullness of Our Trinitarian Deity;

– come and learn: in hardships I am always with you; I am your Consoler and where there is despair, I console and heal; I am the Giver of Life and with My baptismal kiss, I blow on you, I renew you; I renew you so that your natural inclinations that are so opposed to God and ever so human and worldly, leading you to death, can be transformed and deified in My Divinity and My Nobility and become as those of the angels and saints;

I am trying to draw you all into a filial union of divine Love with the Father and the Son and Myself so that you move in Us and We move in you;

I can transform your imprisoned minds and free them so that your thoughts and sayings will be only on spiritual things; therefore do not say: “I am doomed by Satan’s baptismal kiss of death”; no! not if you come to Me now; I am the antidote to Satan’s deathly kiss; I am the antidote to Death itself …. it is true that without Me your body is dead, but with Me your body is alive and in Me and through Me you will be counted as a child of God; this is why you must allow Me to reign in your hearts and make you into sons and daughters of the Most High;

Scripture says: 10 “happy the pure in heart: they shall see God;” in order to see God, and acknowledge Him as your Father you have to be born of Me, the Holy Spirit, by grace; how else would you see God? a child, before being born, has he ever seen his father? not until he is born will he see his father; and so it is with your spiritual birth of Me; flesh is flesh and has the vision of flesh; but who is born of the Spirit is given a vision of God enabling him to seize Him, acknowledge Him and penetrate in His depths;

so come and advance your step, go forward, and I will carry you on My Wings to soar the skies and bring you in Our adoption place, there where all My saints are, anointed by Us thrice Holy; why, did you not know that you too have an assigned place among them?

be confident and come to Me and from a rebel I will transfigure you into an upright being, leading your soul into sanctification and then sin will no longer have any power over you; sin is like an evil master in you and you should not give that master any opportunity in any instance to overrule you; but I, who am the Source of all that is Good can overpower your evil master which is sin, because My Law is a Law of Goodness and Life, overpowering all your evil inclinations;

come and find Me in simplicity of heart and fasten your heart on Me; do not come to Me with mistrust nor with brilliance of worldly speech; do not approach Me with conceit, vice or deceitfulness, no one who comes in that manner ever seizes Me or sees Me, but the souls who walk in the light of contrition and innocence will not be deprived from My Presence; I will fly to them from My Glory in a brilliant light, followed by myriads of angels to heal them, renewing them and making them one spirit with Mine to inherit My Kingdom; flesh and blood cannot inherit My Kingdom, for what is perishable cannot inherit what lasts for ever;

then to make you understand who is the Unique, Trinitarian God, yet One in the unity of essence, I will be healing your guilt, flowing in you as a river, refreshing your aridity and sterility; no one is worthy to see God, indeed, were anyone perfect among you, if he lacked the Wisdom and the Light that comes from Me, he would still count for nothing;

the depths of God are riches which are not of this world, and to contain them without Me is impossible; to penetrate God’s motives or understand His methods without Me, is impossible, but were you to allow Me to be recognised in your consciousness, penetrating your intelligence, I will model you in Myself to be truly pleasing to Us; your abandonment to Me is the only way I could transform your mind to have the mind of Christ, discovering Our Will and knowing what is good and what it is that We want and what is the perfect thing to do; so do not allow your flesh11 to protest ….

although I seem to appear inaccessible to the eye and unattainable, unseen altogether, I let Myself be seen in full clarity; I utter words of Wisdom and as a friend who confides himself to a friend I confide My secrets to you, hiding none of them from you; I face you, and I, the formless one, take form in your spirit; 12

ah, Vassula, I am altogether a reflection of the eternal light and as an untarnished mirror My Magnificence is magnified in all the creation; here I am now, becoming knowable to you in this way too, 13 yet without losing My transcendence; I am filling you with My Knowledge, even though this flow of transcendent light which I am pouring in you goes beyond what you can contain, 14 I offer, nevertheless, all those treasures of Our Kingdom to adorn not only your soul, but all of the others too;

I am, for those who love Me, indeed more resplendent than the sun, outshining all the constellations put together, and as I transcend, I can fill all things with My brightness without being contained by their limits; this is the way I deploy My Light in your soul, ordering all things within you to be good so that you, in your turn reflect My Goodness and grow in virtue;

1 The Orthodox Calendar.
2 The Holy Spirit speaks to the whole world now.
3 Jn. 4:24. St Paul too in 1 Co. 15:45 speaks of Christ as “life-giving Spirit”. The description “Spirit” in the biblical sense does not define God’s nature so much as it describes His life-giving activity. God is Spirit in that He gives the Spirit.
5 With the Sacrifice we obtained Eternal life.
6 In Jn. 16:12-13 Jesus says to His disciples: “I still have many things to say to you but they would be too much for you now; but when the Spirit of Truth comes He will lead you to the complete Truth …” It is a mistake to speak of an end to Revelation and treat it as a deposit of sentences. God is active and alive and will continue showing Himself through the Holy Spirit, never stopping in doing so. When one says in Latin: ‘complere’, it means that Christ is the full, complete revelation of God; and not that He will stop revealing Himself to mankind. The Holy Bible is the narrative testimony of Jesus Christ. It is not God’s last word.
7 With Baptism.
8 In the unity of essence.
9 At this moment, I saw a Face inundated with light, fairer than the fairest angel. The Unformed took form; in this vision of the Holy Spirit, who wanted to show Himself out of His boundless love, an undeserved gift to an unworthy being as myself, left my heart rejoicing; every time the memory of this vision returned to me, my heart anew rejoiced. It cannot fade away from my memory; this vision of His Holy Face is going to remain with me for ever.
10 Mt. 5:8.
11 Here it means human spirit.
12 At this moment, again the same vision appeared to me, the vision of the Holy Spirit’s Face inundated in an ineffable light.
13 By appearing and showing His Face to me.
14 In other words, beyond my capacity.