April 19, 1998


I Am; peace be with you;

let it be known: the mouths that shout calumny to you, are shouting calumny to My gifts on you; they will have that sin lying heavily on themselves unless they come forward and repent!

I will repeat what I have already said to you, I have joined your heart to Mine forever and My promises stand firm; I have joined your heart to Mine in such a way to secure it, that there is no way of uprooting it; you are, My dove, well-rooted in what gives life and freedom; My precious child, calm your heart and do not pay attention to the violence of calumnies said on you, little do they know that they are calumniating Me and not you, giving Me impressive wounds on My Body; those who persist with violence to calumniate My Work in their deficiencies, will have in the end their share ….

in My Infinite Love, I will increase in you and while My Head will be resting on your heart, I will continue to murmur in your ear My Love and My words of salvation and deliverance;

pupil, remember, do not get discouraged; look around you; I have gained fruits out of My Divine Work, so lift your face to Me and smile, smile and make Me happy;

I have now understood that in our close union, our Good Lord feels everything. Even if we feel unhappy, He becomes unhappy because we are unhappy;

now allow Me to repose in My heaven1 while you reflect on My Words;

1 Our Lord means: ‘let Me repose in your heart’.