March, 1998

(Continuation of previous Message.)

My Vassula, I have, together with My Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit been descending from Our celestial Throne of Glory in Person upon the earth, visiting you in this way to imprint on you Our Love Theme;

We put to you the duty of passing on Our divine Word to many nations and so you have done what you were asked to do; you have left house and family, comfort and land for the sake of Our Name, My dearest, and so let Me remind you the reward of renunciation: for this alone you will be repaid a hundred times over, and you inherit My Kingdom which is eternal life; daughter, on whom I confided this immense treasure, do not listen to antagonistic discussions held in My Name, be like a dove soaring in the air, above all the clamouring and tearing, so do not be distracted and disturbed by exterior things; turn your gaze to Me, remembering that I am yours and that you are Mine;

do not be displeased when you are receiving less glorious favours1 than in the first three years, because all that is done to you is for My glorification; to preserve your humility I have done this act of Wisdom, incomprehensible to you perhaps, but My act gave you at once the freedom to come to Me, and work freely for Me; My act put you in a position where you would come to Me by your own free will, lifting your thoughts to Me, offering Me what you can; and while I would watch My Own seed giving her life as a oblation to many, relying on no one but on her Saviour who lifted her soul from the valley of death and who drew her into an intimate union in His Heart, I would be rejoicing in My seed;2

now tell Me, can a man cheat God?

No, never. Wearing white3 all the time does not make anyone holier or virtuous, or truthful.

and yet many are cheating the hearts of My children, they are cheating Me by their falsehood; 4 I tell you, when My Day comes they will be excluded from My Kingdom, on these grounds sentence is pronounced; I have given you by My grace to discern what comes from True Light and what comes from darkness, but I have let you see how many more were drawn to darkness than to Light; I have told you this so that when the time of sorting comes, you may remember all that I told you …. 5

remember Me to your friends; your friends are My friends, My dove; tell them what their most gracious Father says: tell them that were they to remain in Me, in My Love, their joy would be complete and everything they would strive for, for My Sake, in their work, but would be unable to complete or succeed with because of their human frailty, I, as a Father, having seen their nobility of thought, I would take in consideration their good intentions for wanting to please Me; and so I, in My turn, will supply what would be lacking in them, so that many would believe in My Work and Divine Theme of Love; they would believe not because of them but in the evidence of the perfect Work that will be accomplished in My Divinity;

6 and you, My dove, behold the Bridegroom who lifted you and directed you by His Spirit in His calling; 7 sing a psalm to Me by saying:

Fountain of Living Water,
preserve my soul in times of trouble,
keep my soul cleaved on Your Heart,
where the Springs of Yahweh
refresh and exult every heart
that comes to rest in this inmost Centre of Love;

O behold the One who clothed Me
with His Imperial Vestments8
in order to draw unsparingly nation after nation
to muster round the whole Blessed Trinity in one body;

behold His infinite Graciousness,
Who delights even in my miserable heart,
as though there were no other creatures save myself;

blessed be Yahweh forever;

yes! I have given you Life in My Divinity, smouldering your imperfections; and now, joined and inseparably united to Divinity Himself, I bless you thrice in My Name; may your achievements bring prosperity to all mankind; do them in keeping My Name Holy and live at peace with everyone;

1 Direct answers to my own questions and to those who asked our Lord, through me. Also, constant fragrances, and visions of His Presence.
2 There was a brief silence.
3 False prophets, and there are many today, many, many more than the chosen ones from God. But God is allowing this to happen to test people.
4 One of them especially who puts unsparingly God to the test with her false messages, scheming in the dark, deluding many to believe in her; you will know her by her message that declares that “True Life in God” messages stopped in August 1997. A lie that will draw her in her own snare …
5 There was a brief silence, then God spoke of those who would attend the International Retreat of TLIG in the Holy Land; they are the organisers of TLIG and promoters, the sturdy pillars of God’s Message.
6 The Lord’s gaze turned towards me. His look was friendly and fatherly at the same time.
7 While the Lord of Goodness was saying these words, my soul was lifted to the heights, to glimpse His Glory, giving me a slight taste of the vision of Beatitude.
8 Meaning Christ Himself.