January 22, 1998


My flower, let this earth exult, may this whole nation where I have sent you, marvel at My deeds and be filled with My graciousness; My blessings are on these people …

in the presence now of My angels and saints I tell them: I, Jesus Christ, Son of God and Saviour, am your help and your shield; turn to Me and consider all My Commandments; learn to be upright and die to yourselves; My return is imminent; do not say, “I have no refuge;” I am your refuge and My Heart is your resting place;

since you are so precious in My sight, India, I have sent to you too My seeds1 so that you sow them in your ground and the harvest will be rich and plentiful were you to set your heart to work the soil; and your earth will respond to the grain; then everyone will know of My Love and will respond to My Call; do not shrink back, but come to Me with prayers, I need fervent prayers from your heart for the conversion of the world; in this way I will be pleased with you;

today, you have heard My Voice2 and I tell you: do not waver; do not harden your hearts either, for this is My Grace passing now on you;

be one in My Name;

(Later on, at 3.45 am, Jesus called me.)

tell them: what I need is love, reconciliation and a spirit of forgiveness; yes, I want them to prove their love for Me;

ic; I am with you ….

1 Jesus means the messages of ‘True Life in God’.
2 Through the messages of ‘True Life in God’.