December 17, 1997

All flesh must come to You
with all its sins;
though our faults overpower us,
You blot them out;

Happy the man You choose, whom You invite
to live in Your Courts.
Fill us with good things of Your house,
of Your Holy Temple. 1

My Vassula, let Me use your ear, so that you hear Me; let Me use your hand so that you write down My sayings; then let Me use your mind to fill it with My Knowledge and fill your whole being with the instructions coming from Wisdom; accept all My offers, My beloved friend, and you will advance in the pace I had foreseen;

I want, My Vassula, for this generation and for the generations to come, to leave an everlasting memory of My Mercy; none of all these Riches that are coming from the treasury of My Heart would be attributed to you, since you knew nothing at all in the beginning at the time when you were called by the Lover of mankind, since your whole body laid then in darkness; but since I am the Lord of the saints, I am no less Lord than of the wretched; I looked at you and loved you …. I am renowned for My Mercy and for the tenderness of My Heart; I am renowned for the weakness I have for children;

rejoice then, daughter, that your King stooped from His Throne to give you thrice the kisses of resurrection on your soul; inebriated by the sweetness of My kisses, your soul now sings praises to Me, glorifying your Lover; I knew then that by throwing just one of My glances on you I would soften instantly the hardness of your self-will and shatter the crust surrounding your heart; and so I did …. oh, what would I not do for such a frail soul to bring it to a complete spiritual union with My Deity and make it one spirit with Me!

I have bidden you, My beloved, to build a holy temple within you, an altar in the city where We2 would pitch Our tent, a copy of that sacred tabernacle which We had prepared from the beginning, and so you have, faithful little friend; this is why Wisdom was able to help you and through you thousands of other souls; Wisdom educated you and many others through this Divine Work, leading everyone into a marvellous road; this Work is the proof of My overflowing Love;

O blessed and overflowing with graces
Heart of Jesus, Divine Goodness,
You who with one of Your glances
overthrow kings and kingdoms,
intoxicating cities and towns,
inebriating to folly hearts
and holding them captives of love
and for ever enamoured of Your Divinity,

Your Eyes, my Lord,
are a Garden of Eden, exquisitely beautiful;
Your Heart is like an infinite universe of grace in Grace,
Your whole being, like an ivory tower
with glittering precious stones encrusted on its walls;

Eternal Light,
Your two Natures are the movement of our heart;

O God! I find that I do not suffice to form one intelligible word
that might come close enough
to describe such Sovereignty and Splendour
as this of my Lord’s.

ah Vassula, My comfort! I was determined to take you to share My Kingdom! this Love I have, this thirst I have for souls, burns in My Heart; it is love that led Me to the Cross, unmindful of its shamefulness; it is My Love that leads Me now to you, generation, calling one of the most inadequate creatures amongst you, the one who lacked the knowledge not only of Scriptures but also the knowledge of My Will; at that time, a scandal in the eyes of My saints and angels; to call such a wretched soul from her death and raise her to My Divine Heart, bringing her up in My royal courts, is a sign you should not ignore, it is a sign for the rest of you to grow in your confidence and learn that I call every soul, to abandon its evil conduct of today and turn to Me wholeheartedly so that she may share too My Glory;

come, My beloved one; I, Jesus, love you;

2 The Holy Trinity.