August 13, 1997

My Lord,
You have rained on me a downpour of blessings,
and through these, my soul found its Home:
the Courts of Yahweh ….
there, where You provide us with Your Goodness
and where thousands of myriads of angels dwell;
My God, Your Name is like a Hymn
that when hearing It, my soul exults and sings to Its rhythm;

In my ignorance, Lord,
do not deprive me ever of Your Light…

1 My love, I am with you always …. taken by your misery, My Heart could never fail you …. you have become the child of Our Divine Love;

you needed someone who could teach you not only the elementary principles of My Law and of My Grace, but the Message of God2 in its fullness; what I have done for My Church, I have done it to bind you all together in love so that you, in your understanding, will get to know Us in Our Triune Holiness; a teaching given by Wisdom to mere children, but hidden from the clever and the learned;

keep your mind locked in My Mind and prosper from within, My love; ic;

1 Jesus replies.
2 Scriptures and God’s Divine Will.