June 23, 1997


My Vassula, be in peace; let us pray to the Father:

in Your faithful love, turn towards Japan,
in Your immense tenderness, be quick in Your mercy;
listen to the poor and the wretched;
by Your saving power, raise Japan to glorify You;
O most tender Father,
teach them from childhood Your Laws
so that they may proclaim Your marvels
and hymn to You an unceasing Hymn;

let this nation become a hymn to the Hymn,
an irresistible perfume of incense;
I pray to You, O Lord, and entreat You,
that by Your Word You may come to this nation;

yes, the Master of All has always loved her;1 …. speak, My Vassula, when I speak; be My Lips and glorify Me;

(I was kept, by the Lord, five weeks in Japan. Many small meetings were held. Even atheists came, and Buddhists, to hear the words of God. Three prayer groups are now starting to follow the spirituality of True Life in God, a Trinitarian spirituality.)

1 God means, Japan.