June 5, 1997

(Greece – Rhodos)

(This message was given to the True Life in God Association members that gathered. There were 23 nationalities and 140 people.)

My Lord, Your Word is a Lamp for my feet,
Your Presence is the Joy and Peace of my heart;

Saviour of mankind,
what can I do to be pleasing in Your Eyes?
What return could I make to Yahweh, my Father,
for His generosity to me?

peace be with you1 … resound My Voice to the ends of this earth; let everyone hear and learn that I am a God of tenderness and mercy;

My people, My own, seek Me with all your heart and avert your eyes from the world, lift them up to Me and fix your gaze on your Creator;

I, your Creator, who love you dearly say to you: freedom is to be found in My Spirit thrice Holy; My Song of Love to you is My gift to give you more understanding and to draw you towards Me, so that you will get to know Me as your Father; blessed of My Heart, remain true to Me, and you will live; who desires Me? let him come to Me and I shall be his delight as he too will be My delight, My garden, and My heaven;

be blessed all you who came in My Name in this gathering, and be one in Our Oneness;

(Someone made a video tape while I was reading it out to the assembly. Then one of the members wanted to watch the video once more, in the camera. He saw that the icon of the Pantocrator that was on the table near me, was simultaneously moving His lips while I was reading out the message. His lips were synchronised with mine.)

1 The Father speaks.