May 21, 1997

Lord, Scriptures say: “the poor will receive as much as they want to eat.” (Ps. 22:26.) Today, You are filling our starved mouths with Your Word, so why this upheaval from Your House?

because your hand is unmasking all the enemies who infiltrated in My Church;

But they toss their head and sneer at Your Words.

do not worry about the wicked; the day will come when they will be expelled from My Courts; 1 but you, you shall not draw the sword ….

You offered me a vision the other day, and You seemed so happy, so full of Joy!

I was looking at My beloved ….

Ah! What can I say?

My Name ….

Jesus Christ, beloved Son of God and Saviour.

be confident as much as you were confident that day; trust Me when I said to you that no matter what happens, I will remain with you in this way till the end; let My Heart take always this pleasure in you …. 2 in your innocence of course; do you enjoy this journey with Me?

My King …
can a King clothed in His Majesty and Glory,
wrapped in a robe of light and splendour,
enjoy, as You appear to be enjoying,
the company of a worm?

you captivated your King by your wretchedness; and you, you were captivated by All that I Am and that you are not;

You came to someone of no repute,
You filled the starving with good things,
I mean to praise You all my life.

My beloved will perform My pleasure with Me and I, I will hold you fast near My Heart; have you not read: “if a man is innocent, I will bring him freedom …” 3

4 no, do not say anything just now, just love Me …. love for Love, heart for Heart;

let love lift your soul to Me;

1 I am not sure whether they are Courts of heaven or if God meant here, the Church.
2 I had not understood, then He added the rest.
4 I was about to say something.