In the True Life in God reader community there have been many people worried about a potential COVID-19 vaccine with some form of embedded chip.  This made some people worried and afraid that this would be “the mark of the beast“ as spoken of in the Book of Revelation.  In response, Fr Joseph Iannuzzi  wrote this article.


  Thank you for informing us of and asking for a reply to the spreading of videos amongst some True Life in God members pertaining to a possible imminent chip implant in the human body and the so-called “mark of the beast.”

   I wish to respond to this request for the betterment of souls. First, Jesus reminds us time and again in the True Life in God messages that we are not to be afraid, not ever, so long as we are living in the grace of God and abiding by his commandments (TLIG, June 4, 1987; Oct. 31, 1989). Second, we are to trust in his divine providence that will provide for us in all our needs (TLIG, Dec. 27, 1988). Third, while the True Life in God messages do not refer to the expression, ‘mark of the beast,’ they do address the number 666 in relation to all “those who have rebelled in their apostasy against Me [Jesus]” and have been sealed “with the name of the beast or with the number 666” (TLIG, July 20, 1992).

As for the nature of the ‘beast’ associated with ‘the mark,’ Jesus reveals that there are three foul spirits that concur in aping the Holy Trinity:

“…you had seen in the vision I had given you in the beginning; the battle of My Great Day 1 against the three foul spirits who ape My Holy Trinity, forming themselves into a triangle 2 these three foul spirits taking a corner each are alias the dragon, the first and the second beast; the great dragon, the primeval serpent known as the devil or Satan, will continue, only for a very short time now, to lead the world astray; and the power and the authority he is giving to the beast, together with the second beast alias the false prophet, will be brought down and I shall triumph” (TLIG, Dec. 7, 1994).

“Nation after nation has deviated in all ten of My Commandments, adding blasphemy to rebellion; with the empire of the dragon, the black beast3 set up together with the second beast, alias the false prophet, blasphemous poles for themselves on every high hill and under every spreading tree, to conquer the world and blow out the little light that is left in it; on each one of its seven heads the beast made idols representing its own gods; these idols are placed, with the power of the dragon, into high places… I tell you: blessed are those who believe in Me and worship Me; blessed are those who follow Me; blessed are those who believe that My Promise is on its way to be fulfilled; for on these, My Sigh of Love will be branded on their foreheads;” (TLIG, Aug. 5-29, 1990. Cf. also TLIG messages of Jan. 31, 1991, Dec. 20 and 28, 1993, May 31, 1994, Dec. 7, 1994, April 28, 1995, May 10, 1995, Oct. 22, 1996).

Let us recall that the Book of Revelation, in which is found the expression ‘mark of the beast’ (Rev. 19.20; 13.16-18; 16.2), is a book steeped in symbolic imagery, allegories and depictions that are not limited to one single event. For this reason, throughout the centuries the expression ‘mark of the beast’ has been widely interpreted in the following varied contexts, none of which the Church has officially acknowledged. Some claim this expression refers to Cesar and/or a futuristic global emperor, and others to his imperial seal. Some claim that it has been chronologically paralleled with the birth of Islam, without implying religious rancour, as, Jesus reveals in the TLIG messages, that we are all God’s children; others attribute ‘the beast’ and/or the ‘harlot’ to such persons as the Pope, Mohammed, Napoleon, etc.

In our modern times of technological revolution, and in the wake of Covid-19 that has led several governments to release drones to surveil its citizens and others to consider a national imposed vaccine, some have identified the ‘mark of the beast’ with a modern-day chip implant, e.g., Micro-Chip, Bio-chip, RFID chip or digital tattoo chip. Still others claim it is a consortium of technological companies that concur through the use of cellular towers and satellite systems in Satellite Surveillance, Laser Listening Devices, Voice Translation, Interface to Nerve Cells, Smart Cards, Fool proof ID, and the list goes on. I address this parenthetical topic in a book that is shared on the TLIG website and that was published in 2005 entitled, Antichrist and the End Times.

Because the Book of Revelation is steeped in symbols and allegories and is not confined to one single historical event, one expression of God’s revealed Word, e.g., ‘mark of the beast,’ may indeed refer to more than one interpretation. Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) illustrates this point when affirming that the expression ‘Antichrist’ “cannot be restricted to any single individual. One and the same he wears many masks in each generation.”4

As for the biblical meaning of the expression ‘mark of the beast,’ the original Koine word for “mark” is Káragma (χάραγµα), which does not mean “mark” at all, but more forcefully a “strike that leaves an impression,” or a “brand within the flesh.” And the Book of Revelation reveals the fate of those who receive it: “The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth. Festering and ugly sores broke out on those who had the mark of the beast or worshipped his image.” 5

Whatever the mark of the beast may be, St. John reveals that those who refuse this mark will be put to the test, but divine assistance will give them strength. God’s angels will seal them to protect them from his wrath. Indeed, the Book of Revelation 7:4 and 14:1 reveal that a spiritual, divine seal will be imprinted on the foreheads of those that refuse the mark of the beast to guard them and equip them to endure the seven trumpets. And in the True Life in God messages Jesus assures us that those who receive this divine seal will be cared for:

Today more than ever before, I am asking you all to consecrate yourselves, your families and your nations to Our Two Hearts; allow Me to seal your forehead with the seal of My Holy Spirit; the Time of sorting has come, the time of reckoning is here; I said to everyone that I shall come as a thief upon you, when I return no one will be suspecting anything; then, of two men, one will be taken, one left; of two women, one will be taken, one left; the Harvest is almost ready to be reaped and countless corpses will be left when I say:

‘I Am here!’

then I will say to My angel:6  ‘the hour has come to sort out and pull out all who are not Mine; sort out from those who acknowledged Me, all those who have not willed to comply with My Law; sort out from those who allowed and welcomed My Holy Spirit to be their Guide and their Torch, all those who rebelled in their apostasy against Me;7  sort out from those who are branded on the forehead with the Lamb’s Seal, all those with the name of the beast or with the number 666;’ the Time is here and I Myself am branding My people with My Name and My Father’s Name” (TLIG, July 20, 1992).

            In conclusion, Jesus emphatically reassures us that no matter how much ephemeral authority he permits Satan to yield through the beast,

“…do not fear, for I am in front of you and I am your Shield; no one will ever, no matter how much the evil one tries, come between you and Me… never fear, since I Am is standing in front of you; My blessings are upon you and every fibre of your heart will be covered by Courage, Strength and Peace; in this way you will atone for the salvation of souls and for the renewal of My House in the most perfect way; lift your voice without fear and prophesy; prophesy… ‘rebellion is at its work already, but in secret, and the one who is holding it back has first to be removed, before the Rebel appears openly8 ’… I am telling you all this and I know that My sheep who belong to Me will listen to My Voice and will never fail Me… My little children, do not let your hearts be troubled; trust in Me, and do not fear…” (TLIG, March 17, 1993).

            I hope this information has been helpful.

Rev. J.L. Iannuzzi, STL, S.Th.D.

1 Rev. 16:14.
2 The sign of the Beast where we see this delta on buildings and in letters on buildings, as well as other places.
3 Rev. 13.
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6 Allusion to the parable of the darnel: Mt. 13:24-30.
7 This passage confirms St Paul’s prophecy in 2 Th. 2:1-12. The two foretelling signs of the end of times: The Great Revolt (Apostasy) and the Rebel (spirit of Rebellion).
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